The Biggest Misconceptions about Online Surveys Revealed

When you hear about online surveys, you may wonder if they’re a scam. Are all of the rave reviews true? Should you give it a try yourself? If you are curious about answering online surveys to earn money, gift cards, or free products but want to learn more about it before taking the plunge yourself, keep reading as we discuss a few of the top misconceptions about online surveys.

The Truth about Reviews

One of the biggest misconceptions about online surveys is that the testimonials of other people who have used the online survey website are all true. Some people who may have been unhappy with the system of answering surveys or were unpleasantly surprised when they discovered they wouldn’t be able to make thousands of dollars in a day doing surveys may take out their frustrations by writing a bad review. Just because they personally may have had a bad experience with a survey website doesn’t mean you will too. If you go into it knowing the reasonable amount of money you will be able to make if you commit to taking surveys regularly, you will have a rewarding, laid-back experience. The key is to check out the website for yourself instead of just relying on what others have to say. Of course, if you read a review stating that someone had to pay money to participate or was asked to provide personal information like a social security number, you should heed this red flag. These kinds of companies are scams.

The Truth about the Time

Another huge misconception many beginner survey participants have is that they can blindly plug in their answers. These systems are set up in a way that tracks what participants have to say. In order to participate in certain focus groups or higher paying surveys, you will have to thoroughly read each question and answer them thoughtfully. Don’t try to cheat the system. It will know. With practice, though, you will find yourself able to answer questions at a faster rate, thus bringing in more earnings.

The Truth about the Pay

Many people avoid participating in online surveys because they think they pay in pennies and therefore are a waste of time. While answering surveys won’t make you a millionaire, and you won’t be able to quit your day job to do it full-time, it is a great way to make a few hundred bucks every month. In order to make a decent supplemental income, you have to stick with it—just like anything else. Of course if you answer surveys just one day out of the month, you won’t be making much. But if you do a little bit every day, you’ll find that you have acquired a nice boost to your financial picture.

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