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How to Blog About iRazoo to Earn iRazoo Referral Points

Did you know you can earn up to 500 points for referring just one person to iRazoo? If you’re a blogger, imagine your potential earnings if a blog post about iRazoo resulted in hundreds or thousands of referrals! If your blog has a large following, sharing your experience with iRazoo can help your devoted followers save money, while allowing you to earn free rewards, too.

Want to start writing about iRazoo on your blog? Here’s how to blog about iRazoo to earn referral points!

Find a Link Between Your Blog and iRazoo

A key element to keeping your audience satisfied is consistently posting content that’s relevant to the theme or purpose of your blog. Posting irrelevant content on your blog can annoy or confuse your audience and result in loss of followers. For example, if you manage a book review blog, your readers may not enjoy reading an off-topic post about a new makeup brand you tried.

Find a way to link iRazoo with the theme of your blog. Using the book review blog example, explain to your audience how iRazoo allows you to earn points you eventually redeem for free gift cards to book retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Barnes and Noble.

Make It Fun and Humorous

iRazoo is a fun community that prides itself on giving away free gift cards and cash in exchange for your doing everyday things online. To celebrate the culture of iRazoo and to generate excitement about the site, aim to write a fun, humorous blog post about your experience with iRazoo. Mention your favorite things to do on iRazoo, as well as your favorite rewards.

Keep in mind that the more entertaining and engaging your blog post, the more excited your audience will be about signing up for iRazoo and helping you earn referral points.

Prominently Feature Your Referral Code

Make sure your iRazoo referral code is featured prominently on your blog; otherwise, your readers will sign up for iRazoo without entering your referral code. Feature your referral code at the top of your blog, the bottom of your blog, and naturally throughout the body of your post. You can also include the referral code in your call to action, or CTA.

Include a CTA

A CTA informs your audience of the next steps to take after reading your blog. Your CTA should be positive, enthusiastic and direct, and inform users about the benefits they’ll receive after joining iRazoo. For example, if you manage a music blog, write a CTA instructing your audience to sign up for iRazoo so they can start earning points they can redeem for gift cards to iTunes, Amazon, and other retailers that sell music.

Share Your Blog Across All Channels

After publishing your iRazoo blog post, share your blog on Facebook and Twitter to increase its exposure. If you send a monthly or quarterly newsletter for your blog, consider featuring your iRazoo blog post to further drive your reach. The more platforms you can use to share your iRazoo blog, the more referral points you’ll continue to earn as time goes by.

Are you a blogger who also loves saving money? Sign up for iRazoo today and start earning points doing the everyday things you already do online, such as watching videos and downloading apps. Then, redeem your earnings for free gift cards to your favorite retailers!