BOGOs & 2-Fers Are Your Friends

They’re everywhere around us– the big, bad bogo (Buy One Get One) and the two-for-one money deals. How are they better than coupons?

On the surface they seem too good to be true, but with just a little work on your part, you come to understand why it’s almost un-American not to take advantage of such offers.

BOGO – Buy One, Get One

People who shop BOGOs all the time are often mystified by others who pass them up.

So I buy one of these (BO), and if I want, I can get a second at a reduced price (GO), as long as I pay the regular price for one.

That’s right. In order to get the advertised discount, you have pay the full boat for one. Discounted prices for the second can be as low as ten percent but usually not higher than fifty percent unless the offer is Buy One Get One Free.

Buy One Get One Free Is the King of the BOGOs

Yes, you pay the full regular price for one item, but the second is completely free. The logic of this is inescapable at the grocery store, especially if you have kids. By shopping BOGOs, at the end of our shopping trip, we will have twice as much of some of the stuff we use every day.

Not all BOGOs have to match. Read your BOGO offers carefully, and hunt down the mix-and-match specials, where the free item can be the same, or another item of the same or lower price.

Again, you’ll end up with two items for the price of the more expensive.

2-Fer – Get Two for One Low Price

For some people, for some reason, the better deal is the 2-Fer, where we can get two items for one discounted price, if we choose.

Like BOGOs, the most strict 2-Fers require you to buy two items to get the discount, although occasionally these offers allow you to buy one item at a discount that’s not as deep as half the 2-fer price.

The very best 2-fers let you buy one item for half the advertised price. This kind of 2-fer is a great way to try new foods and new brands because you won’t end up with two of something you don’t like in case something does work out between you.

As always, you have to read the offers carefully to take best advantage of the available specials and discounts.

How Coupons Work with BOGOs and 2-Fers

The very best discounts happen when you can add coupons to BOGOs and 2-fers. For instance, here’s what can happen with a gallon of milk:

•             Buy one gallon, get one free

•             Store coupon for money off two gallons

•             Manufacturer’s coupon for money off two gallons

Depending on the value of the coupons, the gallon you pay for may also be free or at least close to it. BOGOs and 2-Fers can help you win big at the grocery store.

What if I End Up with Too Much Food?

If you’ve been a prudent shopper, you’ve used BOGOs and 2-fers to stock up on staples to keep your cupboards full.

However, on occasion you may find yourself with too much food on hand.

In this case, consider donating the overage to a local food bank, soup kitchen or church so that everyone has a chance to have too much food.. Many grocery stores also maintain donation boxes. You can also plan to donate when the BOGOs are especially juicy.

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