Check Out Your Notifications for Ways to Earn

Are you ready for another tip to maximize your iRazoo points? Here is what you need to do:

Log into your iRazoo account, and check out the bell icon on the dashboard. This is your notifications icon.

This is where we present fabulous offers from our partners. Offers are presented in chronological order, with the newest always at the top.

Each message has a headline with a time and date stamp. If an offer catches your eye, click on the headline for more details.

Opportunities to Earn

You will find a variety of opportunities to earn with notifications. For instance, one hot opportunity right now offers an extra 300 iRazoo points every time you complete a P2Sample Survey. You can rack up points quickly with this deal.

Another popular deal in the notifications tab provides access to unlimited videos through our partner Adscend Videos. You can watch as many as you want and keep earning points.

However, every deal is not always available to every member. The only way to find out if you have access is to check your notifications tab.

Once you open a notification message, you will learn more about the offer in a pop-up window. There will be details about the opportunity and an action button.

Click on the action button to go directly to the activity. There, you will find additional details explaining what you need to do next.

Remember to Read the Details

Activity details offer essential information about the offer, so always remember to read them carefully. They tell you what you need to do and how many points are available.

Complete the Task

Before you can earn points, you have to complete the entire activity. For instance, if you take a survey, you need to qualify for it and then answer all the questions.

Once you complete the task, the points you earn will be automatically added to your account.

Also remember, any points you earn working with one of our partners will count towards your daily point goals. You are rewarded with bonus points for meeting those goals!

The Numbers

On the bell notification icon, you will notice a number inside a red oval. This number displays how many notifications you have. If you’ve never checked these out before, you may have a lot to go through at first.

As you open each message, the number in the red oval will decrease. We recommend going through all your notifications initially. This way you will always know if there are new ones when you log in.

If you leave them unopened, the notification number will continue to grow. Since there’s always a number there, you might forget to check it. This means you could miss a fabulous opportunity, and we don’t want anyone to miss an opportunity to earn points.

Have You Checked Your Notifications Recently?

If you have not looked at your notifications yet, be sure to check them out. If you have, tell us all about your favorite deals on the iRazoo Facebook Page.