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Dinner For Two: Celebrating A Small Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a fun time of year that is associated with spending time with your loved ones. However, there may be a year that you cannot get back home to your family and friends, especially if you live miles away from everyone. This does not mean you and your significant other cannot have a nice Thanksgiving meal. There are plenty of ways to have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for two that won’t leave you with leftovers until the New Year. Here are some tips for making a small but satisfying Thanksgiving meal for just two people:

The Main Dish

The turkey is typically the main centerpiece of any Thanksgiving celebration. But making a large bird for only two people can be too much food, even if you love leftovers. Instead of eating turkey sandwiches for months on end, consider going in a different direction for your meal.

One way to enjoy the flavors of the season is to make a smaller version. You can purchase a turkey breast and cook it the same way you would a large whole bird. One great benefit of making a turkey breast is that you will cook it for a much smaller amount of time while still savoring the familiarity of a large meal with your extended family. If you are a dark meat fan, you can instead purchase just the turkey legs and cook them in the same way.

You can also go a different route when it comes to your Thanksgiving main dish. A roasted chicken, pork loin, or even a small beef roast are delicious substitutions that are perfect for a small meal.

The Holy Grail: Thanksgiving Sides

The side dishes are often a high point of any Thanksgiving feast. Stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole, and the like are staples seen on most any table this time of year. However, it can be difficult to make these items in small quantities. This is where you can rely on some help from the grocery store. Any grocery store deli this time of year is certain to have some of your Thanksgiving favorites already cooked and ready to go. You can simply go to the deli and purchase as much as you and your eating partner will need. Stuffing, potatoes, and vegetables freshly made in your store’s deli are going to be a scrumptious addition to your table. Plus, it will give you plenty of time out of the kitchen to focus on the joy and fun of the day.

If the deli is not an option, you can make your own sides using your store’s grocery and freezer section. Purchase some boxed stuffing mix that already has the herbs and flavoring inside. If you want to jazz it up for the holiday, prepare it with chicken broth instead of water. This will add an authentic taste of the holiday. You can also add in some additional herbs and spices to freshen the flavor. The freezer section of the store has a wide variety of tasty ready-made vegetable sides that are perfect for Thanksgiving. While it may not be your mom’s stuffing and casseroles, you can still get a delicious meal for two right in your local market that will not lack in flavor.


Thanksgiving is not complete without dessert. The dessert is truly one of those dishes you can make a lot of for two people without worrying about waste. It is a yummy treat you can enjoy for the next several days. However, if you want to keep your portions small for your party of two, you have several options.

Thanksgiving dessert is typically pies of all types and flavors. If you want pie without going to the trouble of finishing off the entire thing, you can find pie in individual portions in both the freezer and bakery section of your grocery store.

If pie is not your thing, pick what you both like for your intimate meal. An easy treat to make in individual portions is shortcake. You can purchase individual shortcakes from the grocery store to fill with your favorite fruit filling. Strawberries are typical, but you can also fill them with peaches, apples, plums, or a combination of your favorites. Top it off with some whipped cream and you have a wonderful dessert.

If you want to make something homemade, mini pumpkin cheesecake is very easy and delectable. Take your regular pumpkin cheesecake recipe you would normally make and put it into a cupcake pan lined with graham cracker or gingersnap crumbs for a crust. Don’t worry if you cannot finish them all yourselves. They freeze beautifully, or you can give the rest to your neighbors and friends.

Making a Thanksgiving meal for two is not a hard task. In fact, it can be a fun challenge. For more ideas for saving money during the holiday season, visit the iRazoo blog for help.