iRazoo Partners

How To Earn With iRazoo Partners

iRazoo works diligently with a variety of partners to help you earn points towards great rewards. Here are some of the ways our partners make it possible for you to get the most from iRazoo:

High Earning Surveys

iRazoo partners offer a variety of high point earning surveys that you can complete in return for points. iRazoo works with many different survey partners so that there are plenty of different types of surveys that you can qualify for.

iRazoo partners with different survey companies in order to get your feedback and opinions about a variety of topics, from healthcare to product placement. The survey partners will pair you with fun and interesting surveys from different market researchers. You will then be able to share your opinion with the researchers by completing the surveys with your honest answers, which will be analyzed so that major brands can identify improvements they can make with their products.

In exchange for your opinion, iRazoo will reward you with points you can redeem for gift cards to some of the nation’s biggest retailers. The point value for each survey will differ, though many offer over 500 points for just over 20 minutes of your time. It is important to remember that you may not always qualify for every survey that is offered. If this happens, don’t worry! There are plenty of other survey opportunities to help you earn.

Sign Up For Free Samples

Some of our partners offer different free samples to iRazoo users. You can sign up for just about anything, from wristbands to free trials. In exchange for a free sample, you will be asked different questions about yourself, your habits, your demographic, and more. You will never be asked for any personal, sensitive information. Along with your free sample or trial, you will be rewarded with iRazoo points. You can earn points in almost any denomination. Some offers have point values in the thousands, so it certainly pays to check out these different offers.

Popular Offers and Top Users

If you want to maximize the different offers provided by iRazoo partners, you need look no further than the Popular Offers and Top Users tabs in your iRazoo account. This is a newer feature for iRazoo that highlights both our high point earning members as well as some of our more popular offers. We have added these new tools to help you get the most from iRazoo.

Our Top Users list provides the usernames of some of our top-earning members per hour. The Popular Offers report lists the different partners that have paid out the highest amount of points within the last hour. With this information, you can quickly see which partners provide the best offers at any given time. You can then take this information and use it to get involved in some of the best offers available through iRazoo.

iRazoo makes it a priority to work with the best, most reputable partners so that you can earn some great rewards. If you have questions about how iRazoo works or want more money-saving tips, be sure to visit the iRazoo blog for more information.