iRazoo Points

How to Earn iRazoo Points by Watching Videos

Are you trying to earn gift cards before doing some holiday shopping? Watching videos on iRazoo is a great way to see points credited to your account. You’ll have enough for a gift card before you know it!

Once you’ve registered for an account, log into your dashboard. Then, click on the “Watch Videos” option on the left-hand side.

Answer Some Questions to Get Started

The companies offering the videos want to show you videos that you’ll actually care about. That means you might have to answer a couple of questions before you can watch anything.

These questions are basic, usually including your gender and age. Once you answer them, you’ll be able to start watching.

What to Do

To earn points, you’ll have to watch the number of videos that your offer shows. For example, sometimes your offer may show that you need to view 10 videos. Other times, you must watch three videos.

Each offer works a little differently, so you’ll need to read the instructions carefully before you begin. That way you know what to expect.

On some offers, you’ll need to manually move through the correct number of videos to earn your points. With these offers, you don’t always need to watch each video in its entirety. You’ll see a timer counting down, and you must watch until the timer reaches zero. Then you can close out and move onto the next video.

If you accidentally exit the video before enough time has passed, you’ll have the option to reopen the tab. You want to make sure you do this, because the only way you earn points is by watching all the videos for the minimum amount of time.

Other offers move from one video to the next without needing your input. These videos must be watched in their entirety, but are usually short. Once you watch the correct number of videos, points will be credited to your account.

Stay Watching

You’ll need to keep watching and stay actively engaged on the video offers that require you to click. For the offers that play automatically, you’ll typically be credited only if you’re on the screen that the video is running on.

That means you can’t just start the automatic-playing videos and then open a new window to work on other activities.  You’ll have to leave up a video while you’re watching for points to add up.

What Are the Videos About?

Sometimes you’ll get to pick the general topic of your videos, and other times they’ll just start automatically. The videos cover a range of topics. You can expect to see:

*   Food and beverage ads

*   Popular viral videos

*   Quick “How to” videos

*   Episodes of older TV shows

*   Trailers for new movies

*   And much more!

There’s usually a video offer for every interest, so you’re sure to find something you’d like to watch.

How Many Points Are the Videos Worth?

You’ll always want to verify the exact number of points that you can earn with each offer, but between .08 and 1 point per video is common. That means if you watch 10 short videos, you can earn between 8-10 points.

Since the videos are typically less than a minute long, you can quickly watch them. The points will add up.

Do You Enjoy the Video Offers?

If you earn points with video offers, chime into the iRazoo Facebook page and tell us about your favorite video that you earned points for watching. If you haven’t yet completed any video offers, are you planning on trying this feature out?