Essentials of Planting a Spring Garden

We’ve shared gardening tips before, but never for a spring garden. Since produce tastes so much better when we grow it ourselves, we encourage you to give a garden a try this year if you can. You’ll save money at the grocery store, spend regular time outdoors, and perhaps find an enjoyable new hobby.

Here are some essentials for planting a spring garden.


We know the importance of planning before planting. If you randomly stick a bunch of seeds in the ground, you won’t get the best results.

Take time to:


Once you know what we’re planting, it’s time to prep the soil. If you’re planting directly in the ground, take time to double dig the soil with a shovel. This breaks up clumps and helps ensure the roots get a better start.

If you plan to use raised beds or containers, fill them with good quality soil.

No matter what you’re planting, compost helps give the plants what they need to thrive. It’s easy to mix compost right into the soil.


Knowing when to plant is essential. If you plant too soon, you risk losing all of your new plants to a late frost. But, if you wait too long, you might not have enough time left in the growing season for our plants to mature.

If you aren’t sure when to plant, ask your neighbors or friends who garden for advice. You can also do a quick internet search to find out when it’s time in your area.

When the time is right, it’s time to plant your seeds. Read each packet carefully, so you know how deep and close together to plant your seeds. When they’re in the ground, cover each seed with a thin layer of soil.


All plants need water, so give your seeds a good soaking.  Continue watering all season long, whenever the soil has dried out.

It’s best to water thoroughly, letting the soil soak up the water so the roots can get it. This is more effective than watering the leaves of our plants. To make watering easy, use a soaker hose.

Check the Plants

Take time to check your plants daily, and pluck any weeds you notice. Doing it each day cuts down the work, since the weeds won’t be overwhelming.

Checking the condition of your plants frequently helps you to notice any problems before they become serious. Check for dying leaves, bug bites, and dry soil.

Enjoy the Harvest

The plants reward us for our efforts by producing delicious produce you can harvest when ripe. This food is locally grown, and tastes so much better than any we can buy at the store.

Need Funds to Get Started?

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