Expenses Everyone Forgets to Put in the Budget

We’ve all been there. Just rolling along, sticking to our budget when a bill for a forgotten expense shows up.

It hits us like a punch in the stomach, because we knew about it, but totally forgot about it. We certainly didn’t include it in the budget. Now we’re left wondering how we’ll scrape together the money to cover the expense.

Here are some reasons that some bills are easy to forget to include in our budgets:

•             They need to be paid annually

•             They’re auto-paid with PayPal, or another online service

•             The expense occurs irregularly

And here is our list of eight common expenses everyone forgets to put in the budget.

1.    Annual Memberships

•             Amazon Prime membership

•             Costco membership

•             Gym membership

We have plenty of memberships that only need to be paid once a year. The three we’ve listed are the common ones, but we know there are other annual subscriptions that people need to budget for.

2.     Car Maintenance

We like it when our cars work properly. To keep them doing that, we need to put money into their maintenance.

Whether we’re getting our oil changed at our favorite quick lube spot, or getting a tune-up from a mechanic, car maintenance costs money.

3.     Gifts

We love giving to others to help them celebrate important days! If we buy gifts for others on their birthdays, that’s an expense we can sometimes forget about.

Christmas is another big one. It happens every year on the same day, but sometimes it’s easy to forget about until the Black Friday ads start showing up in our mailboxes.

It’s not too early to start saving for Christmas spending now.

4.     Copays

To help us stay healthy, we head to the doctor for our annual checkups. But, our copays don’t always make it into the budget.

If anyone in our family takes medicine on a regular basis, we also need to remember to include our prescription copays in our budget.

5.     Driver’s License Renewal

Do you know when your driver’s license needs to be renewed? We just checked ours, and realized we need to put the renewal fees into our budget!

Depending on where you live, this expense can incur very infrequently (like every five years). It’s easy to forget!

6.      Car Tabs

Here’s another annual expense that sometimes takes us by surprise. Our license and registration fees need to be paid so we can keep our car tabs current and avoid an expensive ticket.

7.     Pet Care

We want our pets to stay healthy, so we bring them to the vet each year. Their checkups, along with flea treatment, pet food, supplies, and anything else we need should be in our budgets.

8.     Tax Preparation

Whether we use software and DIY, or pay an accountant to take this off our plate, many of us have fees associated with tax season. Let’s not forget to include that in our budget!

Need Funds to Pay a Forgotten Expense?

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