Productive Morning

Four Things to Do at Night to Have a Productive Morning

Have you ever had those crazy, hectic mornings where it seems like nothing is going right? The kids don’t have their backpacks together, there’s no breakfast on the table, lunches haven’t been made, and you just feel frazzled. In order to make the most of your days and to reduce the amount of morning stress you endure, prepare a nighttime routine that will set you up for success the next morning. The following are some tips and strategies that will help your morning run much more smoothly and get your day started on the right track.

Set a Bedtime

Nothing adds more stress to an early morning than lack of sleep. Decide what time you need to wake in the morning, and then count backwards at least eight hours to ensure you get enough rest. This will be your nightly bedtime. Take a few weeks to prioritize your bedtime. Over this time, it will begin to become a habit that you can stick with. Getting enough rest is among the best ways to give yourself energy and clarity, which helps you be more productive each day.

Lay Out Clothing

Another thing you can do to make your morning run more smoothly is getting everyone’s outfits ready for the next day. Pick out what you and your kids will wear, or have your children choose their own clothing if they are old enough to do so. Iron anything that will need it at night so that you are not fumbling with a bulky ironing board early in the morning, and also remember to lay out shoes, socks, and accessories. Taking this time the night before ensures that everything is clean and ready to go in the morning, plus it eliminates any pre-coffee decision making.

Get Your Kitchen in Order

Waking to a dirty kitchen can be extremely discouraging and set your day up for early frustration. Instead, take the time to get your kitchen in order before you head to bed. In fact, aim to have it finished several hours before you are ready to go to sleep as a tidy kitchen can have a positive impact on your ability to rest. Do the dishes, wipe the counters, sweep the floor, and wipe out the sink. And empty any potentially stinky trash cans, too.

Get Breakfast Ready

Also take some time to prepare for breakfast the next day. You don’t need to do any cooking, but you can take the time to set out the dishes on the table along with boxes of cereal. If you want to prepare a hot breakfast, you could get something going in the slow cooker the night before. Oatmeal, breakfast casserole, and French toast casserole are quick and easy options to get started the night before. Just before bed, set the slow cooker to low and let it cook while you are sleeping. By the time you wake, there will be a piping hot breakfast waiting for everyone.

Along with these tips, also take some time to pick up around the house. Clear any clutter that is lying around, run a duster along the furniture, and quickly vacuum the high-traffic areas. Also, make a short to-do list for the next day so that your day is at least loosely planned. Taking the time to do these few things will help keep you organized and calm the next day. For more timesaving tips to make your days flow more smoothly, visit the iRazoo blog.