iRazoo Offers

What Are iRazoo Offers and How Do You Complete Them?

If you keep your eye on the iRazoo Facebook page, you’ll notice plenty of offers are mentioned. These offers allow you the opportunity to earn points for gift cards.

But, what exactly are these offers, and how do they work? If you’re wondering about the offers on iRazoo, here’s some information just for you.

Engage with Brands and Advertisers

Offers on iRazoo allow you to engage with a variety of brands and advertisers. By completing an activity for these partners, iRazoo points are credited to your account.

You’ll find available offers once you log into your iRazoo account. Head over to the menu on the left sidebar, and click on either “Popular Offers” or “Complete Offers.” You’ll find more opportunities in the “Complete Offers” section.

No matter which section you pick, you’ll need to make one additional choice. You’ll have to click on one of the partners to see what offers are currently available. Your choices will include partners such as:

*   Peanut Labs

*   Radium One Offers

*   Ascend

*   Trial Pay


There are others, so you may see other partners on your account.

How to Complete Offers

Once you click on the partner, a new window will open. From there, you’ll be able to see all the offers from that partner that are currently available for you.

The offers will require an action on your part. You may need to download something, answer some questions, make a purchase or register an account with a partner company. To keep from making an unexpected purchase, you can sort the offers to see which ones are free.

On each offer, you’ll be able to see how many points it’s worth, when the points will be credited to your account, and what you must do to earn those points. If you download an app, you’ll usually need to launch it at least one time before earning your points.

Your points won’t always appear immediately. Sometimes it takes a couple of days or several hours for points to get credited to your iRazoo account.

If you see an offer that you like, click on it. You’ll be taken to a new window to complete your offer. Make sure that you follow all the steps you’re directed to do. Skipping a step, or closing out of the window before you’re finished, means you won’t be eligible for your points.

Not All Offers Are Always Available to You

Sometimes you’ll see an offer mentioned on Facebook that you can’t find in your account. That’s because not all offers are available to all members.

Your offers depend on your location, and some of the details you shared in your profile. After all, companies want to match offers up with people who’ll benefit from them.

When you select a partner, you may get a message that no offers are currently available. Feel free to check back again in a few hours and see if there are any offers you can complete. They change fairly frequently.

Have You Earned Points with Offers?

Offers are a great way to earn iRazoo points and get yourself gift cards. Log into your iRazoo account and check out what’s available for you today!