Find iRazoo treasure codes

iRazoo Some Treasure: Where to Find iRazoo Treasure Codes

Are you up for a treasure hunt? One of the best ways to earn some extra iRazoo points is to always keep a sharp eye on the Facebook page. It’s on this page that iRazoo staff releases secret treasure codes.

You can enter each code into you iRazoo account for points. Sometimes you’ll see exactly how many points it’s worth before entering. Other times, it’s a mystery.

Where to Look for the Treasure Codes

Once you’ve logged into your Facebook account, head over to the iRazoo Facebook Page. Then, be sure to like the page. That way you can easily find it again in the future.

Because of the way Facebook’s algorithms work, you might not always see the treasure codes in your News Feed. The more you interact with the iRazoo posts through liking or commenting, the more likely you are to see them the next time.

Since you don’t want to miss a code, it’s best to check the page daily. You can find the page from your Page Feed on Facebook. If a Treasure Code is posted, you’ll see it in this feed. But remember, each code has an expiration, so be sure to act fast.

What to Do with a Treasure Code

After you’ve spotted an iRazoo Treasure Code, it’s time to copy it. Just highlight the code, being careful not to include any extra letters or characters. Once it’s highlighted, you can copy it using your mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

Then, navigate back to the iRazoo website. Up on the top, you’ll notice a large icon with a dollar sign. You’ll be able to hover over that icon and a drop down list will appear.

Click on the “Treasure Code” option. Then you’ll be taken to a screen with a box to enter the Treasure Code. Paste the code into the box.

After you’ve entered the code, click on the “Apply” button. If you’ve entered an unexpired code correctly, the points will be added to your account. You’ll also see a note in red letters that tell you your code was correctly entered.

If your code is expired or you’ve entered it incorrectly, you won’t receive points. You also will be shown a note in red letters letting you know the code was invalid. If you receive this error, you’ll want to check the code again on Facebook. Double check what you entered, and make sure you didn’t include any extra letters or spaces.

Check Back Daily for Maximum Points

You never know when iRazoo will release a new code. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of these easy points, be sure to check the Facebook page daily. If you see a code, get it entered before it expires. Each code you enter gets you closer to earning a new gift card.

Have You Found the Treasure Codes?

Are you checking Facebook for the treasure codes? It’s a simple way to maximize the points you’re earning on iRazoo. Go check it out, and give it a try. It’s a treasure hunt you don’t even have to leave the house for!