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Learning to Earn from Other iRazoo Users

Have you ever wished you could see how others are earning iRazoo points? Do you feel like you could earn a lot more if you just had someone to show you what works?

Are you ready for the good news? We heard you and made your wish come true.

Introducing the Top Users section of iRazoo. It’s a glimpse into the iRazoo activities of our best users, and we hope it inspires you to earn more too.

Here’s how you can use this section to learn to earn.

Open the Top Users Section

To find the list of top users, log into your iRazoo dashboard. Over on the left-side of the screen, you’ll see a trophy icon. Go ahead and click on that.

Now you’ll have two different filtering options. Options are seperated into the amount of time users are spending on iRazoo. You can select to view users who spend less than an hour per day or ones who spend more time. Both options are updated hourly, so they’ll always reflect current data.

Click on the option you’d like to see, and a list of users will populate.

Pick a User

Once you see the list of users, you’re ready to learn how to earn. On the left-side of the list, you’ll find user names. On the right-side, you’ll see their points.

To get more details about how these users earned their iRazoo points, simply click on a user name. You’ll then see a breakdown of the points.

Reading the Breakdown

When reading the breakdown, you’ll notice that all points are categorized by the iRazoo partner they came from. On the right-side, you’ll see exactly how many points the top user earned with the partner.

Underneath the partner’s name, you’ll find important details. These tell you how many activities were completed. You’ll also see how many points were earned as the “high” amount. This will give you a good idea of how many of the total points earned were due to the highest earning potential activity.

Continue looking through the partners to see where the points came from. If you compare a couple of top users, you might see a pattern in points.

Work on Earning Your Own Points

Now that you’ve checked out how others are earning with iRazoo, it’s time for you to put your knowledge into action.

You can click on a partner right from the Top Users page. This way you don’t have to try to remember the name when looking at our Popular Partners page.

Once you’ve opened a partner page, you’ll see the offers that are available for you to earn points. Our Top Users list won’t tell you exactly which offers were completed, as not all offers are available to all users. However, you’ll be able to look for activities with a similar point value.

Complete your activity and watch your iRazoo points increase. Then, find another offer you’d like, and repeat.

Will You Be a Top User?

Keep earning iRazoo points with your account, and you just might see yourself on the Top Users page! Others will then be able to learn from you.