First online stop, daily savings

Make iRazoo Your First Online Stop of the Day to Earn Easy Points

Do you want to maximize the points you earn on iRazoo? It’s easy. Before you check out any other website each day, point your browser to iRazoo first.

Once you’ve logged in, there are a couple of things to do. You should plan on doing these tasks daily to make sure you’re not missing out on any potential points. If you have trouble remembering, consider making iRazoo your homepage. It’ll help keep the earning opportunities fresh in your mind.

Check for Daily Offers

Each day that you click over to this page on iRazoo, you earn 5 points. It literally takes seconds, and adds up to about 150 points each month. That’s 1800 points each year just for checking out one single page.

If you need help finding it on your browser, look for the large, “Earn Points” icon with the dollar sign. You can either click directly on this icon, or hover over it. If you hover, you’ll want to head to the “Offers” option. It’s the first one you’ll see.

Use the Search Bar

What do you normally do on the web each day? Do you head to your favorite social media accounts, or catch up on the local news? Wherever your online adventure takes you, use iRazoo to get there.

Simply type in the name of the site you’re heading to in the search bar. iRazoo’s fast search engine will pull up a list of results for you, and you can click through right from there. Best of all, each time you use the iRazoo search feature, you’re increasing your chances of earning points.

Points for searches are awarded randomly. But, if you aren’t searching, you can’t win. To maximize your odds, consider downloading and installing the iRazoo toolbar.

Check for Tasks

After you’ve caught up on your web searching, you can complete a couple of tasks from iRazoo. These are simple micro-jobs that need to be done. You might have to answer questions about a website, or search the web for information.

Each task details the expectations for you. That way you know what to expect. You’ll be paid in points, which will be credited to your iRazoo account.

Watch a Video or Two

Be sure to check for video offers each day. You can earn points just by watching short videos. These vary in length and in points awarded, so be sure to read the details closely.

Check for Treasure Codes

While you’re on Facebook, head to the iRazoo page and see if there are any new treasure codes. These are a secret word or phrase that you can enter into the site to earn points.

If you spy a code, simply copy the text exactly. Then head back to your account on iRazoo. There, you can enter the code you copied and earn points.

iRazoo Daily

Once you make iRazoo a part of your daily routine, you won’t believe how quickly the points will rack up!

Do you have any other tips for making the most out of your daily trips to iRazoo? We’d love for you to share them with us in the comment section below.