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How to Maximize iRazoo Points with Daily Goals

Did you know that iRazoo has a bonus system in place for you to maximize your points? We want to make sure you have all the details about this system so you can earn more. The bonus points will help get you closer to the gift card you’re working towards.

Once you’ve logged into your iRazoo account, you’ll notice the bonus tracker at the top of your dashboard. You can also access this section of the site through the “Daily Goals” tab on the left-side menu.

Three Goals a Day

We set up the bonus system to revolve around three daily goals. These goals represent different levels of difficultly. Each day starts at 12:00 a.m. EST. You have until 11:59 p.m. EST to earn points towards your goals for the day.

Goal 1

Your first daily challenge is to earn 25 points. Promotional points don’t count towards your daily goals, so be sure you earn these points by completing activities through our partners. There are plenty of opportunities for you to earn. You can watch videos, download apps, play games, take surveys, complete offers, and more.

Once you’ve reached 25 points, we’ll automatically give you an extra five points. This is your first daily bonus!

Goal 2

Goal two is to earn 300 points each day. Just keep completing the activities like you did to reach goal one.

As soon as you earn 300 points in a day, you’ll see an extra 25 points deposited into your account.

Goal 3

Your final daily goal is to earn 800 points. After you reach this, we’ll give you an extra 50 points.

You have the potential to earn eighty points a day just for completing your goals, but the bonus points don’t end there!

Monthly Goals

We want to thank our users for using iRazoo frequently. So in addition to daily goals, you also have monthly goals.

Here’s how these work:

Starting at the beginning of each calendar month, we keep track of how many times you meet all three of your daily goals.

If you meet your daily goals seven times within a single month, you get 150 bonus points.

Keep meeting your daily goals to earn more. Once you reach all three goals 14 times in a single month, we reward you with 300 points.

Complete your daily goals 21 different times during the month, and we’ll give you 600 points.

And, if you’re really an iRazoo rockstar and complete all of your daily goals 28 times in a month, we’ll deposit a whopping 1200 points into your account.

These points are in addition to the points you get for completing the daily bonuses in the first place. Want to know the best part? We know life happens. That’s why you don’t have to earn these rewards on consecutive days.

Bonus Point Potential

Let’s do a little bonus point math to show you how many points you can earn in a single month.

You earn 80 points every day that you complete all three daily goals. If you do this seven times, you earn 560 points. Then, we’ll deposit your first monthly bonus of 150 points. Now you’re up to 710 bonus points.

Once you reach your daily bonus 14 times in a month, you’ll have racked up 1,120 points just in daily bonuses. You also get the 150 point bonus at 7 days and an additional 300 points for monthly goal two. That’s 1,570 points just for meeting your goals.

The math continues through the rest of the monthly goals, putting more and more points into your account. If you meet all four monthly goals, you’ll earn 4,490 bonus points. That’s more than enough for a gift card!

Start Earning Bonus Points Today!

Log into your iRazoo account today and start earning your daily bonus points. We want you to earn gift cards for all your favorite stores!