iRazoo Dashboard

How to Navigate the New iRazoo Dashboard

If you’ve logged into iRazoo recently, you probably noticed the facelift your dashboard got. Let’s look at the new features, and make sure you know how to access everything you need to earn points.

Points Available and Settings

Once you log in, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Up at the top, you’ll be able to quickly see how many points you have available. This information is on a blue background in front of a purse.

Next to your point count, you’ll see a circle with a down arrow next to it. If you’ve already uploaded your picture to your profile, it’ll have your picture in it. Otherwise you’ll see a grey silhouette.

If you click on the down arrow, you’ll be able to access your settings, request help from the iRazoo team or sign out. Remember to sign out if you’re using iRazoo on a public computer.

From the settings option, you can edit your profile, edit your demographics and view your points history. The points history shows you every point you’ve earned or redeemed since opening your new iRazoo account.

Hamburger Menu

Along with the point count and image, you’ll notice three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other at the top of your dashboard. This is called a hamburger menu. Clicking on this symbol will either expand or close the menu on the left-hand side.

Once the menu is expanded, you’ll see several tabs for you to explore. These options allow you to update your profile, earn points, redeem your points for gift cards take surveys, and more.

Spend some time checking out the different tabs, and becoming familiar with iRazoo. That way it’s easy for you to find what you need.

Earn Points

To earn points, you’ll have to open the correct section from the menu. Here’s a quick look at what each are for:

Popular Offers

This section contains offers that are popular with other iRazoo members. They represent a variety of opportunities that are currently available for you to earn points with.

Get Started

You’ll want to head here first to get your profile set up. You can earn a couple hundred points just for ensuring your profile is up to date, so it’s worth the time to do it.

Complete Surveys

Here you’ll find survey companies to work with. You’ll have to answer a couple of questions to unlock surveys, and then you’ll be shown the ones you’re eligible for.

Complete Offers

The “offers” section of iRazoo provides opportunities for you to engage with brands and act to earn points. You’ll find many ways to earn points in this section!

Watch Videos

You can earn points just by watching videos on iRazoo! Find videos that interest you in this section, and keep watching to get points credited to your account.

Download Apps

There are apps you can download that will give you points. You can find directions for doing that in this section of the website.

Refer Friends

Are you ready to share iRazoo with your friends or family? If you know someone who is trying to earn gift cards online, be sure to refer them to this site.

In the “refer friends” section of the website, you’ll find your unique referral link. You’ll need to use this link to get credit (and points!) for any friends who sign up.


After the “earn” section comes the “redeem” one. You’ll need to use the Reward Store link to turn your points into gift cards.

Also in this section, you’ll find the Promo Codes section. If you find an iRazoo code on Facebook, be sure to enter it here for points.


Following the “Redeem” section you’ll find several other options. Here you can access your settings, check for notifications, view your points history and contact iRazoo for help.

Do You Have Any Questions About the New Dashboard?

If you still have questions about the new dashboard, please leave a comment on the iRazoo Facebook page.

Do you like the new look? Share your opinions as well!