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5 Tips for a Red White and Blue Independence Day Bash

1. Make Simple Decorations for Inside and Out

To set the scene for your Independence Day Bash, you need to adorn your home for the occasion. You can do this for little to no money while still making a huge impact. For example, print out a large star-shaped stencil and spray paint white stars on the grass. After the party is over, simply mow over the area with the lawn mower to remove them. You can also make a patriotic windsock from some old fabric scraps, string, and jar rings.

Inside, you can have the kids help make a fun tablecloth by spreading out some white or brown craft paper and stamp them with patriotic stamps. You also can make some pretty garlands from red and blue bandanas and some twine. Or, put some small flags and white flowers from your yard in some canning jars and set them about the food areas. Look around your home and see what you can find to add to the décor that will go along with the patriotic theme.

2. Make a Fun Dessert

One of the best things about holidays is all of the yummy desserts you don’t normally have throughout the rest of the year. On July 4th, break out all of your red, white, and blue goodies to add to the celebration.

Need some ideas? You can layer blue gelatin, whipped cream, and sliced strawberries in tall clear glasses for a fun and healthy patriotic parfait. Take your standard sugar cookie recipe and frost them in red, white, and blue frosting and sparkling sugar. You also can dip strawberries and cherries in melted white chocolate and add blue sprinkles. Patriotic fruit pizza can be made with a large shortbread crust, topped with vanilla yogurt with blueberries and raspberries.

3. Have a Bike Decorating Contest

Another fun activity for Independence Day is to have a bike-decorating contest. Allow your children, as well as other children in the neighborhood, to deck out their bikes in all manners of red, white and blue.

Provide some inexpensive decorating options for use, like white poster board, paint or markers, curling ribbon from your gift-wrapping stash, construction paper, glitter, glue, crepe paper, tulle, foam stars, pipe cleaners, and anything else you may have lying around.

Once the kids have finished, give out awards, such as Most Creative, Silliest, Most Patriotic and so on. You can print out certificates on your computer as prizes, along with a little bag of candy or other special treat.

4. Create Non-Firework Celebratory Fun

If you are looking for some ways to celebrate the evening that does not involve fire, consider making some fun noisemakers out of things you have around the house. Painted coffee cans filled with beans can be great fun. You also can make some confetti bombs from toilet paper tubes, confetti, and tissue paper. Fill the tubes with confetti, secure them with tissue paper, and let the kids have a blast as the evening ends.

5. Make Fun Games from Recycled Materials

A July 4th bash is nothing without some fun games! Along with pulling out your set of horseshoes and beanbag toss, you also can come up with some games made from recycled items you have. Paint some tin cans with patriotic stripes and stars, stack them up, and let everyone take turns throwing a beanbag at them to knock them over. Have potato sack races with old pillowcases. Cut holes in a cardboard box, cover it with red gift-wrapping paper, and try to toss balls or beanbags inside. Whatever you choose to do, be creative and have fun!