early Christmas shopping

It’s Not Too Late! 4 Ways to Save For Christmas

Now that summer is coming to a close, thoughts begin to turn to fall activities. However, it seems that each year the Christmas holidays begin to creep into the fall season earlier than the year before. Have you thought about your Christmas budget yet? If you have not, do not fear. It is not too late to begin your holiday spending budget right now. The following are a few easy ways to begin putting some money aside for your Christmas budget so that you will not be stressed for cash during this busy time of year:

Start a Savings Jar

One of the simplest ways to begin saving for the Christmas holidays is to begin saving your change. You can use any container you like to start your savings, even a clean peanut butter jar. Make a plan for your savings in order to save as much money as you can. For instance, consider just saving your silver change, or just save your quarters. You also can save your small bills as you empty your purse or wallet each night. Before you know it, you will have a nice slush fund to spend on your Christmas gifts this year.

Save Your Credit Card Points

If you use credit cards regularly, consider getting a card that provides you with points for cash back at the end of each month. For those who only use a credit card for occasional purchases, you may want to start thinking about using it for your daily expenses in order to rack up more extra cash to throw towards your Christmas budget. Keep in mind, however, that you have to be very vigilant about paying your entire balance each month. If you fail to pay your card in full, you won’t have any cash back, and you will accumulate more debt to worry about while you are trying to pay for your holiday expenses.

Use Your iRazoo Points for Gift Cards

As an iRazoo user, you can complete surveys, watch videos, and play games in your spare time while accumulating points to redeem for great rewards, including gift cards to some of the best retailers in the country. Now is the time to start ramping up your use of iRazoo so you can accumulate as many points as possible in order to have some extra gift cards to use for gifts this holiday season. If you are planning to search for information on the Internet anyway, why not head to iRazoo and possibly earn points for cash? Head over to iRazoo and get signed up to start earning now!

Start a Small Savings Account

A more traditional holiday savings option is to open a free savings account at your bank. You can usually sign up for accounts on your bank’s website. Once you have opened your account, set up an automatic transfer of money each week into the account. Even 10 or 20 dollars each week for the next few months can quickly add up to a nice amount of money to use for Christmas expenses. Do not be tempted to use this account for other expenses, or you will risk not having the cash you need for Christmas.

Saving for the holidays does not have to be difficult, but it is important to be diligent. Start now using one or more of these savings options to plan for your holiday spending. Be sure to check out the other information on the iRazoo blog to help you gear up for the holidays and plan your budget.