iRazoo Survey

How Your Opinion Can Shape Businesses

Did you realize that when you take a survey on iRazoo that you are helping transform businesses? The opinions of consumers can have a big impact on how a company operates and how products are made. You would be surprised to learn how much you are changing brands and businesses just by taking an online survey with iRazoo. Here are just a few examples:

Changing Products

One of the most important ways consumer opinion impacts businesses is changing or improving products. When businesses reach out to consumers, they are inviting opinion on how their product works, from functionality to packaging. They also glean ideas from consumers. Most surveys include a narrative section where consumers can provide their personal insight on a product. One example of how consumers have had an impact is product packaging. You may have noticed over the years that children’s toys are packaged with security in mind. Parents all over the country have let companies know what a pain opening toys can be. Today, while they are still well packaged, many toys are much easier to open, thanks to consumers actively voicing their opinions.

Changing Business Ethics

Another way consumers have changed businesses is through demanding higher ethics. Your opinion of a company and its ethics has a major impact on what you will pay for a product or if you will purchase it at all. We have seen businesses go under in the past due to unethical activities. The use of child labor, for example, is a reason some businesses have floundered. Consumers are not willing to purchase a product that benefits from such practices, leading to a negative impact on sales. In response to consumer opinion, many companies have abolished certain policies and practices in order to boost sales and become more ethical.

Changing Business Strategies

Your surveys also have a significant impact on how businesses strategize. Companies will use your thoughts and opinions in making decisions on how products function or if they should stop producing certain products. You have a voice in the innovation of new products as well. Every day, new products are introduced into the market, many of which were spawned by consumer opinion and input. The goal of a business is to make a product that can solve a problem or add value to consumers. In giving your opinion through online surveys and other collection methods, you have a hand in what ends up on store shelves.

If you are interested in providing your opinion to a number of different businesses, join iRazoo today. iRazoo offers a number of opportunities to voice your opinion on many brands and influence business strategies. Best of all, you will be rewarded with points redeemable for gift cards once you have finished your survey. If you would like to know more about iRazoo, taking surveys, and how you can influence brands, be sure to visit the iRazoo blog for more information.