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Why Do Our Partners Offer You Points?

Have you ever wondered why we can offer you gift cards for completing surveys, playing games, and watching videos? To answer this question, we wanted to share a quick look at the big picture of iRazoo with you.

Our Partners Need Information

Our partner companies are trying to gather information for market research. They want to learn more about what consumers want.

That’s where you come in. Each time you take a survey, you’re helping companies narrow down their target audience. You help define the niche where the product or service could be most useful.

Your opinions matter, and the companies we partner with want to say thank you for your time.

However, market research isn’t the only thing you help with. Here are a few other reasons our partners join the iRazoo team.

Increased Awareness

When a game or service is new, it can be tough to break into the crowded marketplace. That’s why advertising is so important.

However, old advertising practices are slowly being replaced with new digital marketing campaigns. This means companies are converting more of their marketing dollars to the online space.

It’s easy to just tune out the ads online. You can simply hit the close button and move on. So the marketing world needed an alternative.

One alternative method of advertising that’s becoming popular is called incentive marketing. This means the person who sees the advertisement is rewarded. The companies are making it worth the consumer’s time to stick around and see the ad.

It’s difficult for a company to branch out on their own with incentive based advertisements. They’d need to secure a platform, an audience, and a proven plan. Building that on their own is time consuming, costly, and may not provide the desired results.

That’s how iRazoo helps. We offer companies a proven method of incentive advertisement, helping to increase brand awareness.

You get points, they get awareness. It’s a win-win situation.

Elevated Engagement

However, just looking at an ad isn’t an effective marketing technique for some clients. They need people to try something or to do something.

That’s why some of our partners offer you points for playing games or completing an action. You’re engaging with their product.

If you like it, there’s a good chance you’ll continue to play or tell others about it.

More Effective Marketing

We collaborate with companies to help produce more effective marketing. The digital world we live in is constantly evolving. What works for one target audience isn’t effective for another.

We help our companies get the research they need to bring their product to the market. The more they know about their consumers, the better they can be.

Your voice is an essential part of this process. You are important to everyone here at iRazoo. Thank you!

Do You Have an Account Yet?

Are you earning gift cards through iRazoo yet? If not, do you have any questions about the process? Please post them over on the iRazoo Facebook Page so we can address them. We’d love for you to start earning points today!