How to Plan a Spring Staycation You’ll Never Forget

Many of our friends are headed out on amazing vacations. Unfortunately, a spring trip isn’t in our budget this year.

Instead of getting depressed, we decided to plan the best spring staycation ever. That way we still build some fabulous memories. And we won’t even have to pack a bag!


When we’re leaving on a vacation, it’s easy to make plans. We create detailed itineraries of where we want to go, and what we want to do.

When we’re staying home, it’s much easier to decide to wing it. But, when we don’t plan, we know we’ll probably just end up on the couch with some ice cream and a Netflix marathon. While fun, that’s not a staycation to remember!

So definitely make a plan! Decide what you want to do. Remember to take the interests of your family members into account when you’re planning.

Figure Out Meals

We don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen when we’re enjoying a staycation, so we figure out our meals during the planning stage. We decide which days we’ll eat out, and pick simple meals for the rest of the time.

Then before our staycation begins, we head to the store and stock up on things like:

  • Donuts
  • Frozen entrees
  • Sandwich supplies
  • Items for a bagel bar

That way we’re set and don’t have to go grocery shopping on our staycation.

Splurge a Bit

Staycations cut our vacation costs significantly. We don’t need to pay for travel or lodging. We won’t be spending money on souvenirs.

That means we can afford to splurge a bit to help make memories. Here are some of our favorite ways to splurge:

  • Eating several meals out
  • Using disposable plates and silverware
  • Heading to a local attraction
  • Taking in a spa day
  • Catching a new movie

These expenses won’t break the bank, but they’ll help make our time feel more like a real vacation.


We know it’s tempting to check into work since we’re not traveling somewhere exotic. But being attached to our laptops or smartphones while we’re enjoying our staycation really defeats the purpose.

If you can’t get completely away, we recommend having designated screen times. Go ahead and schedule them each day, and then you know when you’ll have to be online and when you can walk away.

Just don’t spend the entire staycation working.

Explore Our Own Town

Make it a point to get out on the staycation. We love exploring our town like tourists. We’ve discovered these great attractions locally:

  • Museums
  • Amusement parks
  • Walking trails
  • Bike paths
  • Historical sites
  • Arcades

Go ahead and Google the name of your town, and see what everyone else loves doing when they visit. We think it’s fun to learn more about where we live.

Take Pictures

We tend to take lots of pictures when we’re on vacation. But, it’s easy to forget to capture our memories when we’re staying home.

Bring out the camera and snap away. Your family will enjoy looking at the pictures and remembering your fabulous staycation in the future.

What Are Your Best Staycation Ideas?

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