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How to Do Your Own Professional DIY Manicure

Are you tired of spending big bucks at the nail salon on regular manicures? With a small investment in some great nail care supplies, you can do your own professional-looking manicure for what one treatment would cost at a professional salon. If you do not feel qualified to do your own manicure, rest assured that it is not difficult at all. As you practice, the process will get easier. In fact, you may be able to surpass the job your nail technician will do. Plus, you can treat yourself to some lovely spa hand treatments as well. Here are some ways you can be successful when doing a DIY manicure:

Pamper Your Skin

First, set the mood by pampering your hands. Your hands are one of the most hardworking parts of your body, so take some time to treat them with some of your favorite products. Use an exfoliating treatment, such as a sugar scrub, to slough off the dead skin from your hands and nails. Next, apply your favorite lotion to soften the hands, taking care not to get it on your nails. Lotion on the nails could prevent the polish from adhering properly.

Cuticle Care

The next step is to care for your cuticles. Jagged, unattractive cuticles can quickly diminish a great manicure. To prepare your cuticles, you will need some cuticle remover gel and a cuticle pusher, both of which can be found at any big box store. Apply the cuticle gel to the nails and allow it to sit for just a minute or two. This will soften the cuticles and make it easier to remove the dead skin. Push the cuticles back with the cuticle pusher very carefully to expose more of the nail. This will prepare your nails and make them look neat and clean.

File Nails

With an emery board, another inexpensive purchase, file your nails in your desired shape. You can round the nails or square them if you prefer. Whichever shape you choose, make sure you file them going in one direction. This will help your nails remain strong and not break as easily.

Prepare the Nails

The next step is to prepare the nails for the polish. Using your preferred base coat, apply one coat with a quick gliding motion. Allow the base coat to dry completely before moving on to polishing.

Apply Nail Polish

And now the fun begins! Choose your favorite color of nail polish in your preferred brand. You can choose an inexpensive polish if you intend to change out the color frequently. If you want to have your manicure last a little longer, invest in a higher quality polish that is thicker. Gel nail polishes are a really great product to use for a strong, long lasting manicure.

Apply the nail polish in thin coats using just a little of the product on the brush. Allow each coat to dry before applying another, and avoid applying too much polish at one time. Using too much polish can cause it to bubble up and ruin the look of your manicure. Too much polish at one time can also cause it to chip off sooner than normal.

When polishing your nails, take care not to press the brush on the cuticles. Leave a small space free of polish from the start of the cuticle. This will not only look more professional, but it will also prevent any chipping of polish near the base of the nail. Once you have applied the desired coats of polish, brush on a thin layer of topcoat to protect the polish.

Be sure to let the nail polish and topcoat dry completely before you use your hands. Take this time to thumb through a magazine or watch a television show. If you are in a hurry for your polish to dry, you can use a product on top of the topcoat that will help them dry faster, although you will still need to allow a little time for drying.

By purchasing some of your own manicure supplies, you can have a lovely manicure at a moment’s notice without leaving your home. For more frugal beauty tips and tricks, check out the iRazoo blog.