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Sharing is Caring: How to Earn iRazoo Points by Referring Friends

Have you been earning gift cards with iRazoo? It’s a simple way to supplement your budget and earn a little extra spending money.

Did you know that you can earn points just by sharing iRazoo with your friends? With the new iRazoo system, it’s even easier to spread the word. Your friends will be able to earn points, and you’ll get your own points for every referral.

Your Unique Invite Code

The only way to get credit for any referrals you make is to use your unique invite code. You can find this in the “Refer Friends” section of your dashboard.

Your code will be in a blue box near the middle of the screen. If you click on the box, you’ll copy the code.

When your friends sign up for an iRazoo account, they must use your invite code when prompted.

How to Share on Various Platforms

iRazoo made it easy for you to share your invite code on Twitter, Facebook and through email. They even populated pre-written posts for you to share.

You’ll find a Tweet, a Facebook post and a pre-written email for you to use. Of course, you can modify the any of text on these to make them more personal. Just be sure not to change your invite code.

You can click on one of the social media links from the “Refer Friends” section to get started. A new window will open and you’ll be able to make any changes and then share the post.

How Many Points Do You Earn?

When your friend uses your invite code to sign up, the referral process starts. You can keep track of the referrals in your account. You’ll be able to see how many you’ve made in the “Referral Statistics” section at the bottom of the “Refer Friends” page.

However, you won’t immediately earn points for your referral. The person you referred will first need to earn 1,000 points. Promotional points they receive for signing up won’t count towards that total.

So, encourage your friends not just to sign up, but also to be actively using iRazoo. That way they can earn their own gift cards. Have them set up their profile and take some surveys. They’ll be well on their way to earning their first 1,000 points.

Once your referral has reached 1,000 points, you’ll be credited for the referral. Depending on where the person who signed up with your link is from, you’ll earn between 100-500 points.  Countries around the world are broken into three tiers. The top tier pays the most at 500 points, followed by the second tier at 300 points and the final tier at 100 points.

No matter where they’re from, you can keep track of your referral earnings in the “statistics” section under your total referrals. Each time one of your referrals earns enough points, they’ll count as a “Payable Referral.”

Have You Referred a Friend Yet?

If you haven’t shared iRazoo with anyone, take some time this week to share your invite code. You and your friends can both earn points!