Simple Ways to Prep Your Car for Summer Driving

Summer is coming, so we want to make sure our cars are ready for the heat. Before we hit the road on our next trip, here are some simple steps to prep our cars.

Check the Coolant Level

Overheated engines can cause catastrophic failure. We don’t want our cars to get too hot.

Cars use coolant to maintain proper operating temperatures. Double check the level in the reservoir to ensure the engine won’t overheat this summer. If we’re out on the road when we notice the engine temperature getting high, we can add water to the system. However, coolant is the best thing to run through an engine, so we like to throw an extra bottle in the trunk and leave it there to be prepared.

While we’re checking coolant levels, it’s a great time to check the condition of our radiator cap. Remember to always be careful when removing this cap. If the car is warm, there’ll be pressure in the system. It’s dangerous to remove the cap when there’s pressure. So, we wait until the car has been shut off for a while, and the engine is cool before proceeding. Once we have the cap off we can check the gasket for tears, or any other signs of wear.

Tire Inflation

Keeping our tires properly inflated improves our gas mileage, and helps avoid dangerous blowouts. We refer to our owner’s manual to see the inflation specifications for our vehicles. Many cars also have this information on a sticker on the side of the driver’s door.

While we’re checking the inflation, we grab a penny and check the tread. If we can see all of the head of Abraham Lincoln while sticking the penny into the tread, it’s time to replace our tires.

Check Air Conditioning

We want to ensure our air conditioning is working well before heading off on a summer adventure. If we turn on the system and it doesn’t feel very cold, we know it’s time to get it checked and possibly serviced at a mechanic.

Inspect Windshield Wipers

A muddy spring can really impact our windshield wipers. If we notice streaks on our windshield after running them, it’s a sign they may be worn out. It only takes a couple of minutes to inspect the blades for cracks. If we find any damage, we know it’s time for a replacement set.

Change the Oil

If it’s been more than 3,000 miles since our last oil change, we ensure it gets changed. While some vehicles can go longer between oil services, it’s a smart idea to get it changed before heading out of town.

Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Some cars have cabin air filters that clean the air going into the car. Since summer roads can be dusty, it’s a good time to give our filter a quick inspection. That way the air we breathe will be clean.

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Just be sure to obey the rules of the road and leave your phone alone if you’re the driver.

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