Smart Ways to Reduce Garbage Output and Save Money

Reducing our garbage output is an excellent way to save money. In addition, we’ll be helping the environment by reducing the number of items that end up in a landfill.

Here are some of our best tips for reducing how much trash we produce.

Ditch the Disposable Goods

Paper plates. Plastic forks. Paper towels. Straws.

These things all help make our lives easier. But, they are disposable and meant to be thrown away after only one use. If used regularly, these disposable goods create a lot of garbage.

There are plenty of more environmentally friendly options. Here are a few we’ve tried:

  • Dishcloths
  • Portable (and washable) bamboo silverware
  • Glass straws

Even if we just cut out one use of a disposable good each week, that’s a baby step in the right direction!

Reduce Packaging Waste

Individually wrapped packages are convenient, but require extra packaging. Instead of buying small packs of chips or cookies, purchase a larger one. Then we can use reusable sandwich bags to pack our own portions.

Buying in bulk is often cheaper, and once we purchase the reusable bags, we won’t need to continue purchasing them.

Start Composting

If we purchase a simple composting bin, we can leave it on the kitchen counter and fill it with our food scraps. When the bin gets full, we can take it outdoors to our compost pile. We’ll enjoy great compost to add to our garden, and drastically reduce the amount of kitchen waste making it to our trash bins.

Stop Using Plastic Bags at the Grocery Store

Bringing our own reusable bags to the grocery store means we won’t bring home a whole bunch of disposable plastic sacks. Reusable bags are also sturdier, and aren’t likely to break when filled with heavy items like canned goods.


We try to look for items that we can recycle once we’re finished. With a few recycling bins, it doesn’t take long to get into the recycling habit.

Sometimes recycling centers offer cash in exchange for some recyclables. Aluminum soda cans are an example of ways we can earn money by not throwing something away.

Stop Junk Mail

We can register online to have our names removed from mailing lists. This will drastically reduce the amount of junk mail we receive.

Taking this step also removes tempting offers from showing up in our mailboxes!

Buy Used

It makes sense to buy many items second-hand. We enjoy shopping at thrift stores, and seeing what deals we can score. Not only do we save money, we also save an item someone else doesn’t want from winding up in the garbage.

Of course, there are things we shouldn’t buy used, so we use common sense when purchasing.

Invest in Reusable Items

When we’re ready to make the switch to reusable items, it often costs us a lot more money upfront. It’s an investment in the environment and our wallets that we think is worth it. However, it can be hard to find the money upfront.

That’s why we love using our iRazoo accounts to earn points and get gift cards. We can use those cards on Amazon and at other retailers to purchase glass straws, sturdy bags, and other reusable items.

If you don’t have an account, you should sign up today to get started!