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How Smartphones Changed Marketing

It’s hard to imagine a time when making calls was a phone’s primary purpose. Today, we’re on our phones all the time—checking our email, playing games, shopping, updating social media, and much more.

The smartphone’s impact on marketing has been impressive. We love staying up to date on marketing trends, and wanted to share our findings with you.

The Shift to Digital Marketing

Companies used to advertise differently. Whether it was an ad in the local yellow pages, or a column in the newspaper, their goal was to get their message in front of the right people.

That’s still the goal, but now digital marketing has taken over. Yellow pages are outdated, and many local newspapers have gone out of business. Companies needed a different way to get their message seen.

Nearly every business today uses a website. Companies need a presence on social media, because that’s where many of us are looking for what we need. As technology has improved, the Internet has become the first place we turn to for information.

Now, we can access information on-the-go, without any prior research. If we’re Smartphones allow us to take the Internet with us. We’re connected everywhere.

Increase in Smartphone Use

As smartphones grew in function, more of us adopted them. A large majority of consumers in the United States now have a smartphone.

To adapt to the changing technological scene, companies had to shift their advertising efforts. It’s no longer enough to have a basic website—consumers expect a mobile-responsive site. Many companies are even developing their own apps.

Social media marketing is growing, and new forms of advertising are connecting companies with their target audiences.

Interactive & Incentive Advertising

Smartphones provide a space for interactive advertising. We can try a game before we buy, watch videos explaining all the details on a product we’re interested in, and connect directly with companies with a single finger tap.

To keep us coming back, companies are shifting to offering incentives. They give us points in our favorite app to watch a video or send us special offers for engaging with their content.

We could never interact with an ad in the newspaper like we do on the smartphone. The entire marketing world is shifting before our eyes.

Rise of Video

Video-based content is the new norm. With more people connected to high speed Internet, videos allow us to get an inside glimpse of our favorite companies.

Helpful Content Wins

Since it’s so easy for us to close out of unwanted advertisements, it’s imperative that companies offer helpful content. Brands can build a loyal following by offering their clients consistently helpful and interesting material. No one wants to sift through keyword-stuffed, boring content just to learn about a product.

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