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How to Do Your Own Spa Pedicure On A Budget

Do you love soft, smooth feet but don’t want to keep spending money at the spa for a pedicure? If so, you can do your very own DIY pedicure for little to no money. If you have a few supplies on hand, you can take a quiet evening to yourself to pamper your feet and your soul. Here’s how you do it:

Gather Your Supplies

The first thing to do is gather the things you need. Most of these things are likely already in your home, but they are inexpensive if you need to purchase them new. You will need a large bowl or a foot spa if you have one available. You will also need your preferred foot soak or some gentle soap. Epsom salt is optional, but it can add an amazing element to your pedicure. In addition, you will need some nail polish remover, a pumice stone, an orange stick, nail clippers, a nail file, moisturizer, toe separators, a base coat, your favorite color of nail polish, and a topcoat.

Soak Your Feet

The first thing to do is to allow your feet to soak. This is one of the most relaxing aspects of a spa pedicure, so do not skip it! Fill your bowl or foot spa with warm water and add in your choice of foot soak, bath wash, or soap. You can also add Epsom salts to the water to help rejuvenate the skin. Place your feet inside the bowl and allow them to soak for at least ten minutes. This will help soften the skin and make it easier to remove dead skin and callouses. Scrub the feet carefully with a pumice stone to get any stubborn skin off. Also, take this time to remove any old nail polish that is still on the nails. Once you have finished soaking your feet, dry them completely with a soft towel.

Clean, Trim, and File the Nails

Next, clean the areas under the nails. Using your orange stick, carefully scrape under the nails and around the nail bed to remove any foreign material that has accumulated. Trim your toenails with clippers. Remove any sharp edges or jagged nails and file the nails into your preferred shape, being careful to not file them too short. If you are prone to ingrown toenails, trimming the nails down too far will exacerbate that problem and result in pain.

Moisturize the Skin

The next step in a spa DIY pedicure is to moisturize and massage the feet. Rub your favorite moisturizer into the feet, on the heels, and around the toes. Rub the moisturizer in a circular motion on the lower legs as well. To boot circulation, give your feet a mini massage by pressing your index finger gently into the arch of the foot. Slowly add pressure to help release tension and induce relaxation.

Add Polish

Finally, prep your toes for polish application. Wipe the nails down with nail polish remover to remove any moisturizer from the surface of the nail. Place the toe separators around the toes to protect your pedicure. Add a clear base coat to the nails to help strengthen them and help keep your polish in place.

Next, apply the color. Using your favorite color, carefully apply two coats of the polish to each nail, allowing the first coat to dry completely before adding the second. Start just above the cuticle when applying polish so that it will look professional. The final step is to add a topcoat to prevent chipping.

That’s it! You have just successfully done your own DIY spa pedicure for a fraction of what you would pay a professional. For more DIY spa tips and other money-saving beautry treatments, visit the iRazoo blog.