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How To Stock Your Dorm Refrigerator and Pantry

When you are in college and living in a dorm, chances are your space for food storage is pretty small. It can get very expensive eating out both on and off campus. When you store and cook your own food in your room, you will find that you can save quite a bit of cash. Here are some things you can keep in your dorm refrigerator and pantry in order to eat well and save on your food budget:

Bread and Tortillas

Bread and tortillas are an essential for any dorm room pantry. Bread is good to have for sandwiches and toast. Tortillas are perfect for a quick bean and cheese quesadilla. It is also delicious with flavored cream cheese or peanut butter and jelly.

Basic Spices

You also should have some basic spices on hand to add some flavor to your dorm room meals. Salt and pepper are essential additions to your pantry, but you may also want some all-purpose seasonings such as seasoning salt or low-sodium spice blends.

Oatmeal and Cereal

A hot bowl of oatmeal is a very healthy, inexpensive, filling breakfast that you can keep on the pantry shelf for months. It is also very easy to make with water, then add honey and milk. If you have a microwave in your room, you can quickly make a bowl just before your morning classes.

Cereal is another great item to have on hand in your pantry. Not only is a healthy dry cereal great for breakfast, but it can also serve as a lunch or even be made into a delicious snack mix.

Coffee and Tea

Any college student will understand the need for coffee and tea. Coffee shops on campus can get very expensive quickly, so making a quick cup before you go to class can save a lot of money. If you are a tea drinker, keep a box of your favorite tea bags on hand to make a quiet, relaxing cup in the evening.


Honey is a more natural alternative to sugar and is delicious in most anything that requires a touch of sweetness. It has a long shelf life as well. It is delicious in hot tea, yogurt, and is even great for a scratchy throat.

Canned Meats and Soups

Canned goods are a great thing to have on hand for a quick meal. There are some very filling canned soups that are also delicious. Canned meats, such as tuna and chicken are also perfect for a quick sandwich or as a snack with crackers.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is perfect for any college room. It is delicious on sandwiches, but it can be used in many other ways. You can put it in oatmeal or mix it with plain yogurt.

Cheese, Milk, and Yogurt

Having some dairy products in your dorm refrigerator is also a good idea. Milk is going to be good for your morning breakfasts. You should aim to buy a small carton since dorm refrigerators tend to be very small.

Having some cheese in the refrigerator adds versatility. You can snack on cheese with some crackers, melt it on a tortilla, or have it on a sandwich.

Yogurt is a delicious and healthy snack that you should also have in your refrigerator. It is portable, so you can grab a cup as you are leaving in the morning and eat it on the way to class. You can jazz it up with some honey, peanut butter, or jam.

Stocking your dorm pantry and refrigerator can save you tons of money. As a college student, you may not have much money coming in. Saving in every way you can is going to benefit you in the long run. In order to help make some extra money for food expenses, consider joining iRazoo to earn points. These points can be redeemed for gift cards that you can spend at some of the best retailers. For more money saving tips, be sure to visit the iRazoo blog. There you will find a lot of ideas for saving money while in college.