Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy

Use iRazoo anytime you go online this summer and earn points for free gift cards, no matter what the summer activity — if you’re searching, shopping, or watching videos, iRazoo should be your first stop all season.

How to Search for All Things Summer

Use the iRazoo site as your main search tool for cool summer topics, and increase your chances of earning iRazoo points every single time you search. Here’s how to get started:

  • Log In — this is an essential step so that you can start earning iRazoo points immediately.
  • Go to the “Earn Points” tab and hover until you see the drop down. Select “Search” and start searching. The search results will give you links to sites, just like a standard search engine.
  • Earn points the more you search! Points are awarded randomly, and you can make it even easier by downloading the iRazoo toolbar here.

Here are some fun search ideas to get you salivating for summertime:

Backyard barbecue: grilling recipes, summer cocktails, Americana clothing, patriotic picnic supplies

Summer travel: camping, swim spots, beaches, water parks, Independence Day, road trips, summer camp

Backyard games: Bocce, Corn hole, badminton, ping pong, Frisbee, football

Pool party: floaties, swimwear, pool accessories, pool toys, beach towels

Summer clothing: shorts, hats, flip flops, skirts, sunglasses, swimwear, t-shirts

Summertime Shopping

Let the backyard become your main hang by shopping online and find the best deals on all things summer. Here’s how you shop on iRazoo:

  • Log In — just a reminder that you always need to be logged in to earn points to your iRazoo account.
  • Know exactly what you want and from which store? Go to the “Earn Points” tab and hover until you see the drop down. Select “Shopping” and you’ll see our partner stores listed. You’ll earn iRazoo points for every dollar you spend with our partners.
  • To shop by category, go to the “Earn Points” tab and hover until you see the drop down. Select “Shopping” and either search or browse, and earn points as you make purchases. Find summer deals on:

Outdoor furniture: sectionals, chairs, umbrellas, outdoor rugs

Outdoor games: baseball, volleyball, soccer, Frisbee, badminton

Grill and barbecue tools: grills, grill tools, grill accessories, aprons

Travel gear: backpacks, water bottles, hiking boots

Swimwear and accessories: swimwear, cover ups, flip flops, goggles

Pool supplies: floaties, pool toys, pool accessories

Watch Videos and Earn Points

Need to research how to perfect that 360-degree water-skiing flip? Or maybe watch a recipe on grilling chicken skewers, or a how-to video on the rules of bocce?

While we might not have the 360-degree water-skiing flip, we do have videos you can watch and earn iRazoo points. After logging in, click on “Earn Points” and hover until you see the drop down menu. Select “Videos” and choose from a selection of videos to watch and earn iRazoo points.