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Tips for Moving into a New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be a very exciting time, but it can often be a very frustrating experience if you are not fully prepared. Taking the time to get organized and understanding what to expect can go a long way in making the process much easier. Here are some tips and some things you need to know when moving into an apartment:

Know the Layout

Although you have already done a walkthrough of your new apartment, it is very important that you know the home’s layout. This will help you know what you can and cannot bring with regards to furniture. If you can, go into the apartment right after signing your lease to take some photos and measurements so you can make sure you have the correct dimensions for curtains, shelving, and furniture. If you cannot get into the apartment or if you live too far away, ask your landlord for some pictures or even a layout plan to get a better idea of what you will need.

Pack as Soon as Possible

While packing is never a fun thing to do, it is important that you do not put it off until the last second. Packing as soon as you know you are moving will help you stay organized and make the process significantly less stressful. Start at least a few weeks before moving day by packing everything that is not currently being used, such as out-of-season clothing, all but the basic kitchen items, and anything else you will not absolutely need until you move. As you get closer to the big day, start packing the rest of your items, leaving out only the bare essentials in a laundry basket or other container.

Pay Attention to the Lease

Another important part of moving into a new apartment is paying close attention to the rules in your lease. Make sure you have paid any extra fees that may be due, such as elevator fees or extra fees for moving in. Also pay attention to see if you are allotted a certain amount of time to move your items in and on which days you are allowed to do so. If this information is not in your lease, be sure to ask your landlord questions about any rules regarding moving day.

Stay Organized

When you are moving, it can be hard to feel organized amongst the chaos; however, organization will greatly improve the overall process. Keep a list of important dates and information that will make the process run smoothly, such as when you can pick up the keys, when to hire movers, the time you’re allotted to move in, and so on. Also keep a list of items you will need when you move in, such as extra cleaning supplies, Velcro strips for hanging frames, and hardware for curtains.

Pay Attention to the Small Stuff

If you are moving away for the first time, you have likely already gotten your hands on all of the big ticket items you will need to outfit a home: furniture, television, bed, and so on. It is important, however, to not forget some of the small basics you will need for your new home. Things like a can opener, dish towels, and mixing spoons are some things that are essential but are easily forgotten in the excitement of moving. Be sure to make a checklist of everything you will need so that you are not left with having to scrounge for some basic items on moving day.

Moving into your first apartment can be a fun and exciting time, so have fun with the process. For more organizational tips and tricks, visit the iRazoo blog for more information.