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Traveling with Kids: 5 Games to Make the Miles Fly

Do you have travel plans? If you’ll be taking a road trip with kids, cries of, “I’m bored!” or, “She’s touching me!” can make each mile feel like an eternity.

Save your sanity and play some games. These games are super simple to learn, engaging for players of most ages, and will help the miles fly by instead of drag.

Game 1: Who Am I Thinking Of?

The goal of this game is to ask yes or no questions to uncover the identity of the person or character one player is thinking of.

Materials Needed:


How to Play:

Pick a player to go first. That player secretly thinks of a character or person who is familiar to most of the other players.

Then, the other players start asking yes or no questions. Here are some basic ones to get you started:

  • Are you a boy?
  • Do we watch you on TV?
  • Do you sing any songs?
  • Are you an animal?
  • Are you a good guy?
  • Are you in a book?
  • Do you talk?
  • Are you animated?

As the player answers these questions, you can begin narrowing down your guesses. Once someone gets it, another player goes.

Game 2: Name Songs with a Word

If you’re traveling with a music loving bunch, this game is a ton of fun. Your goal is to name as many songs as possible that contain a key word.

Materials Needed:

A smartphone to look up lyrics if needed

How to Play:

One player says a word. The other players all take turns saying songs with that word in it somewhere.

If other players don’t agree that the song has the lyrics, you can always look them up on your smartphone.

Need some ideas? These words are in many songs:

  • Star
  • Tree
  • Song
  • Never
  • Love
  • Life
  • Time

Game #3: Rubberneckers

This is a fabulous card game for long trips! If you don’t already have it, trade in some of your iRazoo points for an Amazon gift card and order it. For less than $15, it’s worth the price!

Materials Needed:

Rubberneckers Game

How to Play:

You can follow the rules included in the game, but it’s not as much fun for younger kids who aren’t good readers. To make it more family friendly, here’s a variation:

Team Play

Instead of competing individually to rack up points, work as a team. Decide on a number of points to earn.

One person draws five cards and reads them aloud. All players work collaboratively to complete the directions on the card. There could be items to look for like a red car or a billboard. Other cards have actions to complete. Can you get a passenger in another car to wave back at you?

You score a point for each card completed by a team member. Remember to draw a new card so you’re always working on five.

When you’ve earned all the points you need, declare a family victory! Then draw out some more cards and play again.

Game #4: Fortunately, Unfortunately

For this game, players take turns adding to a story. But, each sentence has to start with either the word, “Fortunately” or “Unfortunately.” You alternate them as you play, bring twist after twist to your tale.

Materials Needed:


How to Play:

One person begins telling a story by using the word, “Fortunately” and then adding on something good that happened.

The next player continues, “Unfortunately, ….”

Continue alternating until the story comes to a solid conclusion.

Game #5: The Alphabet Category Game

The object of this game is to work together to name an item in a given category that starts with every letter of the alphabet.

Materials Needed:


How to Play:

One person picks a category like: Food, Vehicles, Animals, Geography

Once the category is named, the first person says an item that starts with the letter A and fits that category.

Player two says a word that starts with the letter B and fits the category.

Continue until Z.

If one person gets stuck, work together to brainstorm, or decide to skip.

What’s Your Favorite Car Game?

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