Upcoming Opportunities on iRazoo

iRazoo strives to provide a great experience for each user. Member satisfaction is a priority.

In order to give you even more opportunities to earn points and save money, here’s a look at some of the upgrades that are currently in the works. You’ll see each of these changes rolling out in the future.

Brand New Mobile App

In today’s society, iRazoo users aren’t always at their computer. But, many of them have smartphones. That’s why a mobile app is essential.

iRazoo is working on releasing a brand new mobile app that will help members earn points, wherever they are. You’ll be able to do more than you can on the current mobile web browser.

A brand new administration panel. It’s time for a face lift! The administration panel will be getting a new fresh look. You’ll be able to navigate to where you want to go much more easily.

Weekly Payouts

iRazoo listens to its members. On the Facebook page, some people have complained about how long it takes to get rewards. An update of the current payout model is in the works.

You’ll see a switch to a weekly payout model in the future. Once the change takes place, you’ll get your gift cards delivered more quickly. Tuesday will be the official payout day.

There’ll be no more waiting weeks and weeks for your cards.  It will be much more streamlined, and will help make iRazoo the best rewards site on the Internet.

Daily Treasure Codes

Be sure to check out the iRazoo Facebook page daily.  That’s where you’ll find treasure codes. Once you spot a code, be sure to copy and paste it.

Then, head back to your iRazoo dashboard. From there, navigate to the “Earn Points” tab and go to the “Treasure Code” option. Once you’re there, you’ll see a box to enter your code. Paste the code there and submit it.

You’ll see a message indicating your code was a success, and see the points automatically added to your total. It’s an easy way to earn points, so don’t forget to check!

The amount of points you can earn from Treasure Codes is also changing in the future. iRazoo will be moving to a progressive payout model. That means the more you play, the more you can win!

Fresh Blog Content

iRazoo readers enjoy saving money and earning points. The new iRazoo blog will feature useful content designed just for members. It’ll be a go-to resource on saving money, maximizing your iRazoo points, and earning money from home.

Posts also will explain the new changes as they roll out. They’ll answer frequently asked questions in detail. That way you always know how to get the most out of your account.

Push Notifications

Wouldn’t it be nice to be notified when a new Treasure Code was posted? Or when an exclusive offer was available? You’d be able to take immediate action and earn points.

Push notifications will make these dreams a reality. They’ll help you remember to use iRazoo and keep your account earning. Every point gets you closer to another gift card.

Which Change Are You Most Excited About?

There are lots of changes coming down the pipeline. Which one will you enjoy the most? Are there any other changes to iRazoo that you’d like to see? Chime in on Facebook and share your thoughts.