Search Engine

How to Use the iRazoo Search Engine

How often do you search the Internet for information each day? Whether you’re searching for the definition of an unknown word, or looking for details about your favorite actor, online searches provide exactly what you need.

Instead of turning to a regular search engine the next time you’re looking for something, head to iRazoo. Once you’re logged into your account, you’ll notice a search bar up towards the top. This is the bar where you type your search terms.

Just type in the information you’re looking for like you would with any other search engine. This is your keyword or keyword phrase. Then, you can either hit the “enter” key, or use your mouse to click on the search icon.

The engine will begin mining the web for the sites that are relevant to your terms. The results will populate almost immediately.

Sifting Through Your Results

The first handful of results will be paid advertisements, much like you find on traditional search engines. These often have the information you need, but not always. You can keep scrolling down to get to the organic results.

One difference you’ll notice between iRazoo and the other engines are the icons in the results. These provide a visual clue so that you will know to which site each result will take you.

Once you find the link you’d like, click on the blue text. This is hyperlinked to take you directly to that information.

As you get to the bottom of the results page, you’ll see more advertisements. You’ll also see a list of hyperlinks suggesting similar search terms that have been used by other users.

Limited Number of Results

In order to keep users from getting overwhelmed with millions of results, the iRazoo team has formulated their web crawlers to only return the most relevant results. That’s why you won’t find dozens of pages of results to have to sift through.

Streamline Your Search Process with the iRazoo Toolbar

Throughout the day, members are randomly awarded points for their searches. That means you want to use the iRazoo search engine as consistently as possible.

Every time you need to search the web, use iRazoo. If heading to the website takes too long, you can streamline this process by downloading the toolbar.

To get the toolbar installed, log into your account. Then head to the “Earn Points” icon, and next to the “Toolbar” option.

You’ll notice a large blue button with the words, “Download Toolbar” on the page. Click on this button. iRazoo will automatically detect the browser you are running. Then, it will install the proper plug-in or toolbar that you need.

You can install the toolbar on all major browsers. It currently supports Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.

Once your toolbar is installed, you may need to restart your browser. Then you’ll see it up towards the top of your screen.

Whenever you need to search for something, just type your keywords directly into this toolbar. It’ll be linked to your account, and if you win points they’ll be automatically credited.

Have You Won Points from Searching Yet?

If you use the iRazoo search engine every time you search the web, you’ll start racking up points.

Share your successes on the iRazoo Facebook page. You’ll help keep other members motivated, and show them that you really can win points just for searching the Internet.