Holiday gift savings

Using iRazoo to Fund Holiday Gifts

In a society that loves to honor celebrations, it seems as if every time we turn around, there’s another holiday or reason to buy gifts. Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, and the birthdays of our closest friends and relatives often have us making room for gifts in our budgets — even when we’re trying hard to save.

Thankfully, modern technology has opened the door to new opportunities that allow us to perform small tasks and usual everyday duties in exchange for cash, gift cards, and other prizes.

Want to buy gifts for your family and loved ones without breaking the bank? Here’s how to use iRazoo to fund your holiday gift purchases!

Visit iRazoo

Earn 5 points for signing into iRazoo and visiting our offer page with your username and password. You don’t even have to do anything else! But, keep in mind you’ll rack up points more quickly using iRazoo for your search and shopping needs, and by visiting the site daily to complete other small tasks.

Shop Your Favorite Stores

Before heading directly to your favorite retailer’s website for online shopping, stop by iRazoo to see if it’s partnered with that particular store. Then, click on the “Shop Now” link to earn several points per dollar on your purchase.

For example, if you need to buy a specialty auto part from AutoZone, log into iRazoo, click on “Shop Now” next to AutoZone, and earn up to 75 points for every dollar you spend!

Search the Web

Get into the habit of using iRazoo instead of Google and other search engines for all your Internet search needs. Points are awarded to users randomly, but the more you search using iRazoo, the higher your chances will be for winning points.

To simplify the process, download the iRazoo toolbar for your search needs so you don’t forget to use the site. The toolbar is supported by all major Internet browsers.

Watch Videos

If you love watching television and videos, tune in to one of our channels, select a video and then earn points within seconds or minutes. Simply click, watch and earn points — no extra steps are required.

Take Surveys

iRazoo is home to hundreds of brief surveys that won’t take up too much of your time. Click on “Earn Points” and select “Surveys,” then click on each survey tab to view the amount of points you can earn from each available survey.

Make sure you follow all steps and answer all questions in each survey to earn your reward points.

Refer Your Friends

Sharing the benefits of iRazoo with friends and family allows you to earn referral points, which is an easy, passive way to generate extra points. Sign into iRazoo and click “Referral Points” at the top of the home page, then enter the email addresses of friends and family. You’ll earn free points when your friends win points searching the Web using iRazoo.

Redeem Your Points

After you’ve generated a minimum of 3,000 points, click on the “Prizes” tab at the top of your iRazoo session, then redeem your points for gift cards. Add the gift card to your shopping cart, then complete the checkout process to receive your prize. When you’re ready, use your gift card to buy gifts for friends, family members and loved ones, or treat yourself to your own holiday gift!

Forget about spending extra on holiday gifts and start using iRazoo to source all your gift-spending needs! Log into iRazoo today to get started.