Want to Earn Faster? Fill Out the iRazoo Survey Profiler to Receive Unique Earning Opportunities

Are you tired of starting a survey only to be disqualified after the initial questions? We were too! It’s frustrating to get started and then get told the survey isn’t a good fit.

So we put our heads together, and came up with a better way. Introducing the iRazoo Survey Profiler. We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Honesty Is Essential in Online Surveys

When you’re answering the questions on our profiler, or any other online survey, honesty is essential. Please always make sure you’re telling the truth.


Companies collect the information you provide on one survey. They then use this data to populate new surveys for you.

If you don’t tell the truth in one survey, it’ll greatly impact your ability to qualify for additional surveys. Honesty is needed, especially if you’re interested in taking surveys with high point potential.

Not being honest on surveys also distorts the data. Don’t answer the way you think companies want you to answer. Take the time to read each question carefully, then answer truthfully. Our partners really do want YOUR opinion.

What Is the iRazoo Survey Profiler?

Our profiler is unique. It’s a set of simple questions for you to answer. Once you complete the profiler, we’re able to better match you to surveys. We don’t like wasting your time with surveys you don’t qualify for.

Completing our profiler means you won’t bounce from surveys as often, because you’ll be prequalified. Just make sure you’re being honest!

What Questions Are on the Profiler?

Don’t worry, there’s nothing crazy on the profiler. You’ll mainly find questions related to:

•             Personal demographics (age, gender, race, ethnicity, etc.)

•             Family size

•             Household income

Just basic questions that companies use to qualify people for surveys. Read each question, then answer truthfully before moving onto the next one.

What Happens to My Answers?

We take your answers, and share them with our partners. With this data, they’re able to create surveys that are tailored more precisely for the people who will be answering.

You’ll be more likely to qualify for higher paid surveys as a result. That means your long-term earning potential improves.

How to Access the iRazoo Survey Profiler

Ready to complete the survey profiler? Thank you! We’ll credit your account 100 points as soon as you’re done. That’s 100 points for just a moment or two of your time!

Here’s how to do it:

1.          Log into your iRazoo account

2.          On the left-hand side, select “Answer Surveys”

3.          You’ll see a pop up box appear, inviting you to complete the profiler

4.          Hit the blue button that says “GO”

5.          Answer the questions honestly.

6.          At the end, you’ll need to hit the blue “OK” button.

7.          You’ll see 100 points credited to your account (it’ll be listed as “Completed Survey Profiler” in your points history.)

Are You Ready to Earn More with Surveys?

Log into your iRazoo account today and complete the survey profiler. It only takes a minute, and then you’ll be prequalified for higher-paying surveys.