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Download new apps and earn easy points! iRazoo Apps allow you to earn iRazoo Points for each app you download. Our app inventory refreshes daily. Start earning now!

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How iRazoo Apps Work

Earning rewards at iRazoo is easy - simply download apps on your mobile devices! Our many partners provide special offers that earn you iRazoo Points for trying out the latest and best apps on your mobile devices. These offers pay YOU for doing what you love - simply download and earn!

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Download the newest games, utility programs, and other apps to earn iRazoo Points. iRazoo currently only supports devices with the Android and iOS operating systems.

Earn Points

Play interesting games in various genres or use the newest utility apps for iRazoo Points. Requirements can be as simple as installing the app or reaching specific levels.

Choose Your Rewards

Get paid how you want, when you want. Select from the biggest brands for games and electronics like Best Buy and GameStop, or turn those points into cash from PayPal.


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An offerwall platform providing the broadest set of app categories and content.

A platform that lets you earn points for downloading and engaging with the newest apps.


OfferToro's mobile offers let you earn EASY points for installing and opening your new app.