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Google Homepage
Personalize Your Homepage, Search Websites, Access Email & More Rank 1, Recommendations are 622
anahig says: good
magpie91 says: very useful
HAHA741 says: ,jhvvk
silentcobra says: i love
1rudeboy says: you can find alot of stuff here its cool
300xxx says: good site
kingguy says: yes
kamila18 says: this is great
gmantb says: yes
haloceche says: cool website
abelmojica says: i like google
djp3000 says: I LIKE IT
kingkelvin1992 says: yes
flatbro94 says: Good site
dragonfireheart3166 says: good website
myszkame3ner says: Ok
rojonrondo9 says: it is awesome
GodAmongInsects says: I love google man
mrsapril says: this is a very useful site
playmaker2437 says: Great to look for images
carpince says: setting up your google account good site and recommended especially with cell phone
photoslinger1 says: great site!
xtroyboix says: cool
Nate says: Did not load
macdrizzle says: great site to make google your home page
shocktrooperX says: helped very much
panjan says: google is helpful
yaya434 says: good searching ,easy and fast
H34DS40T98 says: great for changing homepage to google help
battlenet says: The best website, you can do anything
shocktrooperX says: i use it all the time
mail2neha13 says: great one
Junsuangel22 says: great site!!!*
ToxicLemonade says: This is amazing
bee67 says: search engine
Monkeymonkey522 says: I love Google
iliJBR2012ili says: i like google
leekka says: yes
mail2neha13 says: good
LRBlock says: love google, not as good as swagbucks though
afinity says: love it
mail2neha13 says: great
ifast1 says: great
bowey1970 says: Google homepage
hotmail says: oogle
bhucchi says: google
bluecatfish96 says: i love it it is the fastest tollbar ive ever used
FourKids says: wonderful search site
kaskash96 says: google is very useful
supermike says: i love google
MEliSSA005 says: this is a really reliable site with everything you need! nice search engine(:
Bethsonice1394 says: Good search engine!
jnt2272 says: Good search engine
panjan says: google
AngelaMS says: Very reliabe search engine
Daxter955 says: cool
hicktownblondie03070 says: i use google mainly to see if i spelled something right. hahaha
Schack32 says: woot
angelicGrace says: Perfect
anilkrishna says: hi
jpearl says: yes. i like it
James410236 says: best search engine
iTom says: awesome!
dude97 says: Nice
cellur111 says: yes very good
bhucchi says: gr8
cpleasev says: Good site
somarath says: Very good search engine
julirolly96 says: inspiring
lgkmodding says: i like this site
shellygrace2007 says: best search site
way2talltoo says: great search site
SeanReddy says: Yes!!
tigerlilly says: yes
zwashere says: google
emailnanjing says: yes
Mithrandil says: best search engine out there
chezzit says: cool
GeorgeImu says: asdfsdfd
Cloud816 says: who doesnt like google?
wandairoman says: i love this search engine
dat908kiid says: I rather use Bing then Google! :K
liwamot says: okay
bkiskool says: it's very awesome
alan0831 says: cool stuff
bgshorty says: brilliant!
mrkk says: google
GURL0095 says: ok
vtkid says: only if you want google as your home page
boffman says: best search engine
aaniya123 says: great
drummaster01 says: one of the best searches ever
Elizabear says: Best search engine.
kbb says: go chrome
lambofgodof says: nope
crashingwave13 says: great
Veilsideboy says: the official site used by trillions!
Anonymous says: another great search engine
KhaoticFox says: another good search engine
cajje5 says: Good website exactly what I searched for
gumdealer328 says: yes
lovinglife1113 says: awesome
klide21 says: good
somarath says: ok
adiru2009 says: I like google
sith23 says: best site ever
akidsaccount says: not really. doesnt matter to me
kali1984 says: good . easy to search ... nice websiter ...
conniedoorknob says: great site
grrrjennigrrr says: Google is normally my default web browser. I use it for email and document sharing.
luisfv says: k
kllp101 says: yes
mannyplayer says: this is very good
33snow33 says: I like how easy this is
bklynzboii15 says: google is awsome
justicious says: no swag is betta
rcaacggc says: love google!
optimogirl691 says: best site around
annie0443 says: not helpful
joshuatnewman says: jnewm loves google
riblack3 says: nope
pedro77 says: good site.
zac1225 says: pretty sick
haato says: google is the best search engine in the web
b110 says: "403 Forbidden"b
ismael78 says: great
Eifie says: Yep
Aneta617 says: ok
falak241 says: 403 Forbidden
slipperkat says: yup
hotshot24 says: no
mangas says: nice
thelostshadow1 says: this is the coolest ever
Mec95 says: I love Google
mindy126 says: not what I was searching for
happygal says: good
sugarhigh316 says: love google
goblueguy11 says: not a good website!
foagb says: nice
iMarcness says: great search website
momofapeanut says: awesome
supermercado321 says: this site is so helpful
sdk6714 says: ok
csequoia says: funny site
xgunnerx says: k
prave407 says: good
jianfei18 says: Great site for searching.
raleung2 says: hjfdx
Wildcard1664 says: A+
bbraunj1 says: google isn't as good as swagbucks
Commander7879 says: Awsome Site
hammadhameed says: good website to use
eladbeaty says: good site
desiree says: nice website
TheresaMcIntosh says: Yes
Commander7789 says: Awsome Site
mary0044 says: Love google!
PreddyButterfly says: Not what I was looking for.
kayler00 says: the best search engine ever!
jdizzle says: man o tite
Smurfette says: ok
623981258 says: ?
Tomy88 says: One of the best searching site
thepoker says: the best search engine.
bobbylu123 says: yes
gameprogj76 says: make google your homepage...
pillowhair says: ttt
Dcotton123 says: google is my homepage!:D
bdb2 says: like
Yola says: Nah don't want to!
littlejoker says: ok
areli69 says: i like this web its cool
sarahguitar says: Best Search engine EVER! I Love Google. =)
japanmaple says: nice site
japanmaple says: nice site
ufc02fan says: google is soo sweet
yzykg says: fdafsa
gosha says: nice site where tyo
its4hry says: not what i wanted
mrFlynStone000 says: swwett
silvanafv says: I love google
gangstercoolJ says: no
fuxcool says: not helpful, just an advertisement
lovevanity says: i reccomend it its a very helpful site
ryanmaymay says: googles great but irazoo and swagbucks are better because they pay for rewards!! The newest search engine is bing!
gangstercoolJ says: no
abbyjane22 says: good
TheresaMcIntosh says: Yes
sahithi says: sf
werewolf123 says: cool
jher1203 says: this is a good site for searching
Shadow98 says: Nice, a search engine that searches for search engines!
ttran says: great search site!
maddy1987 says: the nice search engine
adamiller says: cool
dinalou says: fine
lolpppl says: I luv google
flatbro94 says: Google is ur friend!!
GreenTeaMochi says: cheap...........
japanmaple says: nice site
alexcane says: best site for search
jesus67st says: its ok
liducas says: interesting
luckycandy says: good
saveursocks123 says: good search engine
willshaq says: yeah
brainjungle says: good search engine
tobyandjess says: yes
xibu says: good
milan23hejduk says: Boring
akayamaharaptor says: Great site for google
Mangofruit says: Google search!
jamesf says: grea site
osbald007 says: great
Hikaru156184 says: good site
turtleman9012 says: no
dgirlly21 says: google is awsome
Papigfunk says: irazoo is the best
TonarinoTotoro says: ok
justinxxx says: Great search engine!
hkclicker says: good
meat15 says: google is soo good
solom says: no
yiwan says: cool
oscar2334 says: nice
lilybear says: great site to search whatever you may be looking for
sup3ry3ll0wman says: yeah
motasem123 says: nice
lalith22782 says: good
mjwade22 says: Best search site
danielnfl36 says: great
japanmaple says: nice site
Esgraham44 says: only search engine I use
jmer says: !
mmarcy11 says: cool site
PICKLEBOY says: awesome
mellowmonstew says: great web site
sanborn1 says: good serch engine
hugheta2 says: brings back only what they want you to see
Tylerman1021 says: Cool
emailnanjing says: eer
bamagump says: cool
Jen1965 says: k
robert6 says: I Like it alot
patty12320 says: ok
prajesh says: Microsoft Windows Se7en x64 SP1
SilentBob says: awesome
sadiect says: home page
xgunnerx says: j
siddamram says: ok
Jetta21 says: google is amazing
ariella440 says: Fantastic search website
jamesf says: good site
60people says: Love google one of the best searching tools in the world
dlxqfmx says: good
obint218 says: cool
pueblo10 says: blahdcekvhnjd2kfvjer2tjwkqnavdjskanfvjewnrtvjkrwbnvjfdavjbkrwthgbvjkdfhv jkd hjkgrqhbvjkfh jkdfnjk vbfdjkvnfjkdvbfjkdb vjkfbvjksfbv jkffjkbvjkdsfvkjercvjkwdnebrjkfnwjkcnewjrknvgfrjkvcnjkewncfjkrevgjkrenvcdncjwevnjkrevbjkdbhjkbfghjkrbcjkndsbvjerfnvjec
pranav123 says: gygkg
devenrocks says: dont recommend
femwawo says: love google ;)
coalthair says: love it
XAPHANRUAX says: google
bbcleaner9 says: google page. def legit. awsome
willieg says: learned alot from this site
devinrw123 says: sweet!
zac1225 says: nice
Mike0Form says: 456545654565456545654565456545654565456545654565456545654565456545654565456545654565456545645654565456545654565456545645654565456545654
imolly says: easy points!! LOVE google
garretsmomma says: k
eve252 says: looks gook
alystu02 says: good search engine
wkyu says: Get Current Information On This Person Instantly.
dd307 says: i like google
samsam says: good
RAZZLEDAZZLE says: no its blank
etankaom says: This page is only good for making Google your homepage, not doing searches.
wkyu says: Get Current Information On This Person Instantly.
pinkunicorn says: okay site
x3Cee says: I like google
Awesomerest says: awesomeness
gwyllion says: fail
Peths says: not bad
knutnhuny says: its already my hompepahe
walidsu says: good
gwyllion says: great
bombay111 says: good
peths says: Fail
gwyllion says: great
noko says: bookmark us
capybaratoo says: if you want to make google your homepage
angelartsy72 says: error
behoyh says: google is gay
wantfreestuff101 says: kjhkjhkj
foryogs says: like it
tony75026 says: good site
mrsknapp says: not what I searched for
mom2nk says: win points
saveursocks123 says: great website
foryogs says: like it
mktiwari says: good
momof1 says: good site
kaydio says: ok
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