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Play your favorite games and earn easy points! iRazoo Games allow you to earn iRazoo Points for each game you play. Our game inventory refreshes daily. Start earning now!

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How iRazoo Games Work

At iRazoo you play and get paid. From Solitaire and Bridge, to Mahjongg Dimensions and Crossword, you earn iRazoo Points for every game you play. Want to earn more? Check out our Game of the Week contest and be entered to win extra points!

Play Games

Playing games at iRazoo is simple. Visit our gaming arena, choose your favorite game, and start playing! The longer you play, the more points you earn.

Earn Points

Earn points playing the latest action, adventure, quiz, or puzzle games. The iRazoo Gaming Arena has over fifty different games, for every kind of gamer.

Choose Your Rewards

Get paid how you want, when you want. Redeem your points for gift cards including the biggest brands like Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation.


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