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KILIN says: it's easy
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Topic: phim pha trinh tre em
MonicaCC says: Unique search engine
bworkman says: Dumb As Shit
aurele says: Buen buscador
Michi05 says: Buen buscador que además te da puntos por tus búsquedas
roshini says: BWORKMAN, u dont no how to LIVE LIFE EASILY. ..that suk
faithannee says: great search engine.
mmccurdy says: i won't use this as my primary search engine until I see how well it works, but what I really like is the recommendation option and the razoopedia option, which I will use instead of wikipedia
rubenq2 says: I recommend it
nDRIUZ says: Unique search engine
jadianprime says: Do the points expire?
ganjakoolaidman says: THIS SITE IS AMAZING!!
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allknowing4ever says: Search and Win Website Earn as you go
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vcgupta says: not bad but not alike google....
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jacinta1984 says: I like so far
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avengerdriver says: I'm not sure about site yet, just entered.
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gamer1978 says: So far so good
hotrod755666 says: Dont send out prizes!!
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whitij says: DUH! It's awesome.
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duskxero123 says: good
seapotato says: changed
tattooastronomy says: not too sure about it...
vamsidropmail says: best ever search mode
heidisue says: seems okay, I don't know anybody who won an automatic gift certificate though
Wjc says: awesome
happycamper069 says: I've heard you get banned when you request an amazon gift card, or they never send it.
me_cool_smart says: really unqiue search engine and its just gifting,,,,
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Referral says:
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IJK says: If they are legit its awesome I plan to have a ps3 in less than 3 months.
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Karl123 says: good search and win site
whackamole says: I haven't gotten anything
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shizzle23 says: better than lockerz andd swagbucks!!!!!!!!
chopdtop says: can't really say if good or bad until I get my reward.
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Sparked says: as of right now I believe swagbucks is better, if irazoo came back with full comments and voting points, irazoo would probably be ahead!
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Yamela says: Takes a lot of time to earn enough points for a prize :(
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kordie says: OK reward site, no as good as Swagbucks!
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BM13HC says: irazoo is good but it takes too much time to get points without referrals
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Esgraham44 says: another search/earn site but wins have been dropping a lot recently
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jsehl says: More than a little confused
ieatcandy32 says: hm..
arkana says: Decent, but swagbucks is better.
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rbutcher2 says: Should ALWAYS at least check home page(s)
iPointsEarner says: YAY iRazoo! LoLz
CarterNr3 says: Love this site.
goodygoody says: irazoo link
al4life says: ehhh. still never got my gift cards so m still giving it a chance. hopefully i get em.
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Jennyfer says: great site!
Mec95 says: Good site...haven't won anything yet, but think it's safe!
mrsknapp says: some of the search results are ridiculous
asdzxcvbqw says: no,this site sucks, take so long for a dam card
rbutcher2 says: Shouldn't be able to do this since I've already maxed out 100 points today
mrkpop says: what do u got to lose
lacalle says: i am commenting on irazoo.comfrom!!!!!
asdzxcvbqw says: so slow
thisisme123 says: it is a great site because it gives points just for not using google
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supernova6743 says: This site gets worse everyday. Wins are going down. Overall a big thumbs down! Site Sucks!
mindy126 says: good rewards program but search engine isn't the best
davidndnatty says: great website!
scubabobby says: love it!
marye6273 says: love the amazon cards but takes forever
masterjz says: Might or Might Not Be Legit!
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Daemonisk says: dumb search engine
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leosaysfosho says: meh
raluca007 says: good website, good earning points
alexysamone says: just speed up the send outs and its all good
rbutcher2 says: Guess gift cards are awarded after at LEAST 30 BUSINESS days. Haven't reached that mark yet. 30 days came and went already! Only recommending for now.
khaamy says: Easy way to earn points for prizes.
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langgma2 says: I like irazoo
Poconut says: lame & confusing
kelkel526 says: Okay site so far
rbutcher2 says: If my GC aren't awarded SOON, I'm gonna leave this site completely. Been waiting WELL PAST 30 days!!
masterjz says: Legit Site!
karbikarlos says: Amazing website, I like it more than my own hand and Mccenzie would punish me
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Anonymous says: good search engine
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Traker360 says: i think irazoo is better than swagbucks
Tonyas31 says: slow to give giftcard codes!!
rockusa1234 says: How much is a $5 Gift Card
booboocat says: yes of course
waffo says: Slow to earn and slow to send rewards but every little bit counts.
WildZoo says: it's paying. almost 40 days
blackjeany says: its the best
jstph81 says: love irazoo
homeschoolmom67 says: where is the mega page?
jonesforme2 says: great site
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Turtlesim says: So far, so good.
Duddy says: the best website I ever heard of
nvoeau says: none
nightweaver says: LOL best site
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cncmcd says: its ok
iTzKiNG says: great
maddyme203 says: i like i razoo
rbutcher2 says: 3rd straight month I'm going nto HAVE TO ASK where my reward is. ALWAYS (so far) wait 30 plus days and then have to request. If it doesn't get better after this, I'm outtie! Only saying Yes for NOW.
Mulletron517 says: *thumbs up*
fech says: Easy search and reward system. enjoy adding comments as well.
blue_eyes_924 says: fun to get points and win stuff
axelb says: irazoo party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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zansip says: slow to send cards
OminiousAnon says: been wating for Amazon GC for quite a long time....
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rklanke says: You know why
rspoiledyorkies says: love it! awesome site, who doesn't love free money!
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